Poof, Linda Smith (2D)


Title: Poof
Name: Linda Smith
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop

This is a painting I did for IFX Fragile Things monthly challenge for August. I had a lot of fun with it and have always wanted to paint a blue butterfly, but had never been pleased with what I did in traditional media.

References used were several dandelions from my “lawn” and a poor roadkill butterfly that was on the grill of the car (it wasn’t a blue butterfly but it did have nice wing patterns). I had fun keeping the kitties out of my references.


I can’t believe no comments on this. This is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Tremendous.


The Mood , the Atmosphere, The Quality and Idea of the Image is perfect! This is revolution image in your artworks i think, you style is creatures funny monsters ( i like them all too) But this is really Image with deep meaning!
I hope you will not stop to draw that way!
Good Luck, exelent mark from me!


awesome work linda, you really improve with huge steps. your furskills paid out one more time, love how soft and tender this piece turned out. keep on pushing, lovely work on this one :smiley:


bonestructure - thank you very very much for your comment :slight_smile:

greatto - well, this actually did start out as a goofy robot painting, but I swapped out my bumblebot for a butterfly :smiley: Thank you for the lovely comments


Thank you Sacha your comments and encouragement always mean a lot to me and keep me going :smiley:


It’s really a wonderful piece, Linda, love everything in it: mood, colors, setting… I can’t believe I missed it when it was posted, but I’ve been rather caught in my own things recently… :sad:

Congratulations on a well deserved victory! :beer:


This is so feary like. I mean, it is really gorgeous. It seems night but there is light in the air. Did you want to create a moonlight effect?


oh my Thaldir I never saw your post, lol now who needs to apologise *embarassed here thank you my friend for the compliments

johndowson - I was not sure exactly what effect I wanted to create with it, I was concentrating so hard on the butterfly and the dandelion (gave myself a blister painting it ha ha ) I only added the background at the last moment. Once it was in though it did appear a bit moonlit and I may have subconciously enhanced that. Thank you for the visit and the very kind comments and compliments :slight_smile:


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