Pontiac, Peter Kolus, Peter Kolus (3D)


U have a fantastic eye for photorealism. :thumbsup: great attention to detail and good texturing and lighting. :drool:


5 stars work! truely u are a master.


Hey, man really really nice work! Congratulations it´s very good!!!


Perfect textures, lighting, models! I realy like it (especialy the background)! Maybe the sky would be better with no clouds… but not a big problem! Awesome work


great atmosphere and ambiance, mood! congrulations.




There is a similar scene near my town, excellent job!


amazing. …:thumbsup:


your textures are amazing, thanks…


Ur texture, wow,amazing ,absolutelly a 2D master,right?! U really are i think!
well , you did a great job,both the 3d & 2D, in chinese, i should say : 你真的太棒了。。
too many i should learn form you work,maybe it’s possible i will catch up! , HA~, look forward the next work of U…


Hi all,

you can read making-of the Pontiac here:


hope you like it :slight_smile:

thanks for CGChoice Award :bounce: :thumbsup:



nice work :thumbsup:


CGChoice Award totally deserved!!!:thumbsup:


Love it! Wheres the critters? Snakes, old crowe -that mouse that tore a hole in the back seat.


Very nice work, looks great!

My only comment would be the North Carolina plate looks out of place. The enviroment looks like Nevada or something on the west coast. While the plate is from the east coast.


Amazing I saw it on Area.com… you are making crazy stuff
I really like the shaders you use for that image.


what i really loved, besides the car, was the shed in the backround. rundown and weather beaten with bits of odds and ends scattered about.


so nice! :slight_smile:


Great textures :thumbsup:


very nice artistic image…
great textures and final result is fantastic…keep up:thumbsup: