Pontiac, Peter Kolus, Peter Kolus (3D)


Good work!!!
excellent atmosphere…


really nice work, The composition is well planned. Overall , modelling, texturing and lighting. The whole thing is well executed. Must have taken a long time. Well done:thumbsup:


i like it. amazing work, specially the textures, they’r nicely done!


Very nice picture :thumbsup: Good eye for details, nice textures & lighting! It was interesting to follow the progress in your WIP thread the whole time :slight_smile:

definetly front page and 5*s from me!



woah … :eek:
just great …
ohh look at the textures …
5 stars …
cheers …


Great textures. Wonderful Work.


OK, ONE crit: it could use some DOF to emphasize the distances and preserve realism. OTT its just awesome. Well deserved FP.


Congrats mate.
The work is top noch, lovely done. Hope it helps U in the future.
Stars 'cos u deserve on them, and I’ll keep thumbs for some award for ya :wink:


As commentet, very good work, i like a lot the ambient on this picture.


Very well done work! keep it up!


Unbelievable, great work. Congrats!


very impressive work!..the plants look great
well done:thumbsup:


Ah because I remember it now from Subd forums. Only it was flipped horizontally. I feel much better now :slight_smile:


Beautiful texture, detail, atmosphere and mood! Great work from the ground up Peter. Modeling alone is beautiful to look at. Followed this on Subdiv. Check it out if you haven’t seen the WIP - http://www.subdivisionmodeling.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1666

Was surprised to see the image flipped though. Composition works well this way, but something bugged me about it. Finally realized the steering wheel is on the wrong side for US plates. Doesn’t detract in any way from a great work - just an observation.

5 stars!


wow… wonderfull… love the depth…


Hi all !

what can I say… thanks a lot’s for Front Page, it was my dreams :thumbsup:

Textures - well, I used few different technics to create them. Some of them was made from the beggining - for example dirt map on car window. In the others, I had to paint details on existing photos using tablet. So for the shed, I used wood textures from Evermotion’s cd. Standard max textures were useful too. Some textures was made from pictures I had made by myself. I just needed to take a camera and make a little trip around the office. Of course the most powerful tool used for making (finding) photos for textures was… Google search

Broken glass was made by model not by texture. In this case I need to thank my team friend, PENdzel, who “sold” me some great and simple technic - more about this in the making of, which I’m working on.

kingmango :wink:

CG Choice? not this time I think but how’s know :slight_smile:



No crits, it’s PERFECT ! I love the mood. Great job, man ! Congratulations.


Helloooo, CG forums staff, give an award to this man as fast as possible! :smiley:

Excellent work man, pyfko :beer:


Great textures. Wonderful Work.


Great textures and model.
Good work :smiley: