Pontiac, Peter Kolus, Peter Kolus (3D)


Super! I would just repeate what everyone said if I say anything more :wink:

5 stars.


Amazing work! I`am just wondering what will be the next thing You do :smiley:
Keep up the good work!


its great effort man. few suggestions.
for me the windmill or watever it is in the middle is actually not necassery i mean its moving the focus which is unwanted i gues. also a lil bit of depth of field( forget about the texture work u did for background props) can really enhance the picture quality and composition.


Amazing work!!! Perfect textures and colors.


the car looks fantastic ! just the building and the clouds are somehow not as good as the car. but overall is a great image !:thumbsup:






The vegetation looks great-- how did you do it?


looks nice!:thumbsup:


Nice one man. lovethe style of this one. cool!


Very nice work… Lovely texture work… 5* from me… :slight_smile:
PS: Congrats for front page. Your work deserves it more than most of the car modelings :thumbsup:

Keep good working :slight_smile:


great attention to detail! amazing work, man!

this is being nitpicky, but it seems like the shadow that is being cast on the left side of the car from the fence should be a little softer.

Great work man! :thumbsup:


Stunning image! I love to see people make great art from stinky old subject matter.


Od kiedy paprocie rosną na łą

ce? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome retrostyle…


Very impressive work, gut łork :wink:


Very nice deateil.Good job.:thumbsup:

Hamed katebi


wow amazing …great no no awesome i guess 5 stars keep going



Great work :slight_smile: great modeling and texturing :*

Super mam nadzieje ze bedzie cg czojs :smiley:





[/b][size=2]very nice work,

what kind of render did you use?[/size]


great mood and textures, however I feel like the car is plastic. Even if it’s old and rusted there has to be some sorta reflection and highlites on it.

Question, how did you do all the grass and foliage? Textured planes? Paint fx?
Is this all 3d or is there any 2d compositing also?


LOVE the work, love the subject, awesome work, Applaud on texturing and Lighting


I see the same thing over and over in these Partial PR renderings that then sorta throws them all into the same catagorey of stylized work rather than photoreal. But stylized maybe what you are after, My crit on this piece is the shadows, like a lot of work I see there is no attempt at real world shadowing and shadow color, seems most tend to focus on texture and lighting but they always forget about the importance of proper shadows to really make an image “speak”

again, not to distract from a great piece of art,3 thumbs way up !!