-PON-The Zelda inspired mod for HL2.Concept Artist recruit.



Currently needed positions:
-concept artist

      Power Of Nature a Half Life 2 modification.
    Have you ever imagine a game wich is zelda inspired? I, the leader, am really inspired from the 
    Zelda games from the nintendo 64 console, OoT and MM (a.k.a The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask).
    We are only inspired by the gameplay, and of course; the fighting style.
    Power of Nature is an Half Life 2 modification. Yes, this is an other mod for Half Life 2. But the diffrence about

this mod and all the other mods out there is because this is extremly zelda inspired. If your a fan och zelda, no, you do not
even have to be a fan of zelda, you just had to enjyod playing it. You would really like this mod, does’nt matter in wich way, as long as
you really liked the Zelda…
By joining the dev-team you’ll have somethign to do all the time.
We, the dev-team, got our own little forum to gain the news about the assignment that have been given to you. We in the dev-team can
see whats happening all the time by typing what you are doing in your own little forum, if your sick, make a new thread about that so we all can see the bad news.
By playing it would also make it extremly fun, why are you still reading this? Sign up , the assignment is waiting for you.
Sign up for this mod or the forums if you liked the sound of the above.

Info on Power Of Nature.
The mod is going to be a fantasy style game.

Every update continues from the last chapter when its about the singeplayer campain. We will maybe add some more attacks on each uptade.

There will be a singeplayer and a multiplayer, the singeplayer is going to hold 1 map for the story, and the multiplayer wil have an other.

    We need people with a lot of time in their hands.
    Everyone are welcome to give a suggestion. We assept them all.

We got 3 character right now,and they are very original. They will be in the first alhpa, with the first chapter and story.
*Light race -Human looking angels with feather wings. The first is born from the light,wich gives life.
[color=DarkOrange] *Sun race - They got the look of the dragons, the deamons and the humans. The first is borned from the red sun.[/color]
*Plant race - The first is borned from the earth.

    Spell casting will be avaible.
    We wont copy anything from zelda in anyway. Exept that you can have a sword and stuff like that, the usual.
  What we need:
  Concept artists
  [b][i][u]Info about us.
  [/u][/i][/b]My friends and I have been working on this mod sence december. We never had a rush, we took everythign as it came and worked it out slowly and fun.
  Now we seem to have a lot of work now that we've got members,forum and a website. But it'll be fun.
  Me and my friend got the opurtunety to make the mod by ourself.We have been able to learn all 
  the modding-tools, but there are still much to learn.

The mod is zelda inspired, We want it to have the feelings from the fightings in zelda and its sprit to be summond in to our mod.

  [b][i][u]The leadership.[/u][/i][/b]

We,the leaders, won’t learn anymore of any modding-tools, we are usless if we would map/model because the team is a lot better then us on making them.
We thought of making it by ourself first, because that was one of our dreams, To make a game by ourself, only 2 of us. That would be an a good
memory in your mind untill you die. But we are geting some help, so we wont do anything, I’d probobly map the singeplayer map because I’m the only one with the “perfect” image in my head.
What me and my friend are going to work with (After that i’ve finished the map) is the website,the look of it and the building of it. My friend Naikez is still working on it, i’ll help him
later on. The rest of the team works with the mod,while we are leading it. I, my friend or both are going to recruit people from everywere. It seems like that it would be our job now that we’ve become leaders.

  [b][i][u]The secret plan.
  [/u][/i][/b]We got a secret plan on something when i say "zelda inspired", is there a way to make it look exacktly like zelda??Without making nintendo take you dow. Well Yes there is, but it's top secret ; ).

There wont be a “Huyrle”, of cours not. We will have our own world. There is a question tough : Have our world ever existed in the universe of Power Of Nature?
Your answer are probobly get answerd if you either play the mod or by joining it.

  [u][i][b]The story.[/b][/i][/u]

After every uptade there will be a story which continues after the last one. It’ll do this every uptade to gain the story feeling.
We really want the story readers to get the story-feeling on it or like when your reading a good book.
Story is still in a WIP.

What will be in and what not.

*own story
*own playble characters
*own world
*NO “harry potter” wizards
*nothing about zelda that have been copyrighted by nintendo.
*singeplayer and a multiplayer
*new realease/uptade = new chapter and singelplayer world
*NPC killing to gain XP in singeplayer campain.
*All sorts of weapons(no guns) and a lot of items.
*Came up our own 3 races through the storyline. New story, in every beta.
*Zelda and MMORPG fantasy games inspired.
*We’ll see if we can make it an FPS and an Third Person fantasy-game.
*The items,power ups, attacks, defence, mana are all inspired from all mmorpgs.

note: the site is just temporarly, there will be a new website and host without commercials or popups.



Good luck on this one. A question, do you guys have a profile over at moddb.com?

Nevermind, I found it over there. http://mods.moddb.com/5084/

I could try to help out as a ‘temporary’ concept artist until you got someone who can work for you guys? :slight_smile:

I’m posting on your forums instead.


Great, actually you can work as long as you want =P.


The right of bumping.


Animation guys needed.
Though,you have to be knowledge of the source-model “engine”, how it works and stuff. the usuall.


[size=4][left][color=white]ok I am kinda confused soo this is goin to be a zelda like game, in a new world,with a new story, with zelda. my one question is why? You have a whole new world, you have a whole new story, why not a whole new character and call it its own game. I think you should leave zelda alone, make ur own original game, say its like zelda if you must, but dont throw it down peoples throats. cause when i play this i am going to think zelda and if its not what i expect<which is zelda> I am goin to be majorly dissappointed. instead of think it as its own game:( thats just my thought, take it or leave it.[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left] [/left]



It is zelda inspired only. You know when you first time played the Ocarina of Time…the feeling of playing it. That is what we want in our mod, it is very zelda-feeling inspired. We can not use anything that even look like zelda (because nintendo would come and shut you down). It is a zelda inspired game, new world, own characters, new heroes. And it has its own history, there never where a Huyrle, and there never be one either.

Animation-guys needed so we can play the alhpa :bounce:


No doubt they intend to make it true to the Zelda style/feel that we all recognize when we play the game. I’d say let them go at it first before putting the pressure on them before they even get started with the mod.

Personally, I love Zelda games and i’ll be interested in watching this one take place. Good luck guys! Hope you pull this one off. It could be really cool!

PS. Will we get Z-targeting?! :slight_smile:


Me and my 2 in real friends(naikez: 2nd leader, dragonewyn: storywriter) have talked about the Z-target thingy and we’ve come up alot of ideas when it came to that (egsampel: green target shows that you are aiming for that creature, yeallow means one of them will you be able to choose next if you press “Z” again)
So if the coder can do it in the future, then we just HAVE to have it :)!!

i’ve started the mod a long time ago, it is almost finished.
a animator have been found,though he only knows very little about animating for hl2. so i explained him alot of stuff how stuff works in source(hl2) (i’m the guy who helps with everything exept coding) so we are probobly going to have veeeery basic animation on the charcters.

But we need “better”(much better) animator-guys.

the story is amazing, it got the zelda feeling.


hehe Z-targeting? Don’t know if that’s needed with as much control as the mouse has :slight_smile: . N64 didn’t have a controler that allowed all the flipping and dodging while aiming, so Z-targeting was needed. By the sound of me trying to talk them out of Z-targeting, can you tell I’m the coder :smiley: ? I’m joking, I’ll think about it:thumbsup: .


Man this mod is working great.:thumbsup:


:smiley: nice project…uhm. just subscribing


i was actualy working on an open source project (using a standalone engine) trying to efficiently give a good zelda combat style.

if you want to see some of my proof of concepts id be happy to show you


For any coding stuff, talk to ace4016 .


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