PolyTube Script


Hey All

Wrote a simple but really useful script to create a simple poly tube alone a selected curve. Its kind of like what you can do in Max with curves were you can just give them a radius and it expands out from the curve… none of that extrude nonsense.

So 1st try it out …you know the deal …put it in your scripts folder “if Maya is up …source pTube” or start Maya …pick a nurbs curve and …pTube

once created you will see some custom inputs that will let you adjust the tube

2nd I can’t get this to work in a for loop so you can only do one curve at a time …if any body wants to look at that for me that would be great …my mel is little rusty

3rd a few limitations…
You can only get 12 section …seems like a limit with the pfx stroke
If you delete history the custom inputs will not delete as there are not a true input node but just some custom aters …no big deal though by the time you combine these with other polys all that stuff goes away

script attached just change .txt to .mel


Thanks fir sharig