Polymesh looking strange


Hi all, I am very new to Zbrush and as expected, encountered some problems right from the start. :sweat_smile:
Using an online tutorial, I started my first project using Zspheres and converted it to polymesh3D. The polymesh I got looks different from the tutorial or most other ones I have seen. Here is the screenshot:

The ribs look too thick and even after dividing in the Geometry menu, the number of polygons remain the same, but showed an increase in mesh only with SHIFT+ F.

I have followed the tutorial step by step, but upon converting to Polymesh 3d, mine starts too look strange, what am I doing wrong here, any help is appreciated! Thank you so much!


Here’s how it looks with SHIFT + F:


Here’s what most other ones I have seen suppose to look like:

Sorry for multiple posts (new user one image limit :sweat_smile:)


How did you convert the Zspheres to mesh? Did you click the “Make Adaptive Skin” button? If so, you should move the “DynaMesh Resolution” slider to 0 before clicking the button. If you leave it set at the default 256 you will get a very dense mesh, similar to what you show in your 2nd post.

I don’t know why 256 is the default, since 99.9% of the time, that’s not what you would want.