Polygon selection problem:


Hello, Silo3D users!

I want to ask then, how to blocked another polygon side another selection polygon if i selected polygon frontside? When i selected polygon example frontside that Silo3D -selected my 3d model polygon backside too, where i draw selection rectangle?

For example, 3D Studio Max software is a feature of “Ignore Backfacing” prevents the 3D model of the opposing party when selecting selects the camera angle.

Is Silo3D program something like this property?

How do I prevent this from happening?


I’m not sure i understand, but i’m guessing:

  • you need to select a polygon, but you have another poly in front of it thats facing away from you?

    • click with the middle mouse button (wheel), to select through backfaces. BUT, now you have selected the one you need AND the others that were on the way. right?
    • hold Shift+Alt and click the poly to deselect (remove from selection).
    • or hold Shift alone to keep adding to selection.

is that helping?


In part, I wanted to know how to prevent that from happening Selecting a 3D model from the other side was that the roller mouse. Normal press to the front and roll the mouse to the front and rear. I just made ​​the settings for items in different ways when it was the custom settings as the original regulation. Thanks for the reply. : 3


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