"Polychop" substitute


Hi guys, a friend of mine was wondering if there is a similar plugin to “Polychop,” that basically lowers the polycount of objects? We’re looking for something similar that works on 3D Max6 (Polychop was only updated for Max4). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


someone told me about polygon cruncher… heard it is good… never used it though… hope this helps…


What`s wrong with the multires-modifier?


Multires-modifier seems to work great - thanks guys


Personally, I link the polygon reduction tools in Rhino 2.0. It’s kind of ironic that I use Rhino for my polygon reduction when it’s designed to be a 99% pure NURBS package.


Can you talk a bit about why you like it? What differentiates it, say, from MultiRes?


It’s actually very simple. All you do is select your mesh and use the “Reduce Mesh” command by typing ReduceMesh in the command line. A little window will pop up and it will ask you what your target poly count is.

There is nothing advanced about it. I just like the results I get from the optimization algorithms used.


I guess I was wondering about things like this… Do you get long thin faces much? Is it “smart” about keeping decent edge-loop topology? Does it preserve UVs well, and UV/material boundries well?


yeah, I was kind of wondering how both methods affect the UV’s? We have some objects here that are already UV’d and textured and noticed that Multires seems to mess up the UV layout - is there a way to correct this other than manually correcting the UVs?


I can’t imagine any poly reduction system that won’t screw up UVs. It moves all of the verticies and changes the whole structure.


may i suggest polygon cruncher once again? :wink:


I didn’t like poly cruncher. :shrug:


i haven’t tried it personally so i can’t tell… only heard some good things about it…

feature list seems quite good… so… why you didn’t like it? it doesn’t work as it should… or…?


I just didn’t like the result.


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