PolyBoost 3 released! Video preview.


Hi people, Version 3.0 of PolyBoost has now been released! The upgrade is free for existing users. This new version evolves the concept of working with edgeloops with new tools such as:

CurveLoop - Turn edges/edgeloops into smooth definable curves with easy workflow.
SpaceLoop - Space vertices evenly along edges/edgeloops.
StraightenLoop - Turn edges/edgeloops into a straight line.
CircleLoop - Turn edges/edgeloops into a circle.
RelaxLoop - Relax curvature of edges/edgeloops.
Tools for moving and building in screenspace in PolyDraw.
UV Lineup can be used in edge subobjectlevel to lineup multiple uv edgeloops at once. Great timesaver.
UV Stitch - Stitch selected uv seam vertices to their corresponding seam vertices.
The PolyDraw tools are now on average 20-30 % faster.
Similar will now select similar subobject elements based on all the currently selected elements.
SetFlow can also be used on a vertex selection.
Many more additions, fixes and speedups throughout PolyBoost.
Check out the preview video here:

PolyBoost 3 video

The video uses the Techsmith codec, get it here: Techsmith codec

Read more and download the demo on the website: www.polyboost.com



I think I just ran out of adjectives to describe that.

Fantastic doesn’t really do it justice.

  • Steve


just had a look- simply awesome!

i got strange epic feeling of possiblity of merging nurbs way of modeling with polygonal :slight_smile:

wonderful work!


Damn right! Man, you singlehadedly make max the best poly modelling package around!



Hey, thanks for the great feedback!:slight_smile: I hope the new additions will be useful to you.

peekoot - Yes, working with surfaces and curves that is one functionality that nurbs or patches have that polygon objects does not have, so these tools add some of that functionality to polygon objects.



definitely! i wonder where are the limits… surely you could constrain a whole loop to a spline with much less CVs… might require going deeper into NURBS objects tho… but it’s a thing to think about :slight_smile:

i especially like the thing for turning loops into circles and openings into ngons… that’s so useful!



one thing that did occur to me - is there any way to get some of the tools to work with soft selections. E.g. relaxing loops, straightening loops, making them circular?

I just tried the quadrify/swiftloop combo on a stock model which was all tris, and knocking down the polycount is pretty easy.

I was wondering (and I think this was brought up here a while ago) - how difficult would it be to have a remove every nth loop to reduce polycounts on mainly quad poly models, rather than the usual horrible optimisation that is done to models?




i’ll second that… i use standard max relax and soft selection all the time

I was wondering (and I think this was brought up here a while ago) - how difficult would it be to have a remove every nth loop to reduce polycounts on mainly quad poly models, rather than the usual horrible optimisation that is done to models?

that would be great! if it’s too difficult a user could define couple of loops as hints… just an idea…


Hey Steve, thanks for the suggestions. To have the tools work with soft selection would not be an easy thing to do and would require a totally different approach in most cases. It is not something I plan to do in the near future.

An optimization tool like you suggest is something I have though about too. It would be tricky to figure out though since it would need to handle many types of different topology. I might look into something like that later.



OK, no worries - I thought it might have been something that was tricky to implement, otherwise you probably would have done it :slight_smile:




Agh! Always with the techsmith! Do you own stock or something? :wink: I’ve left a wake of techsmith armed computers but never the one when a new movie comes out.



Thanks very much for the update! Simply awsome!


Hey, Techsmith is just really good when working with screencaptures to get a low filesize while keeping clarity in the image. The codec is a really simple install and will not interfere with anything on your computer.

pentool- Thanks!



PB 3 is simply awsome… :smiley:
I really like those new circle/curve/straight and so on… and not to forget the space tool
superb work



great work!

do you do a student or educational edition?



hey Rivendale,

found just a small prob with dark color scheme… see the attachment… these are from the same session… polyshift help is working fine while all windows from polydraw have bright background which makes white letters almost impossible to read


Thanks for the feedback!

Sinew - Thanks, there is currently no educational pricing available for PolyBoost sorry.

Peekoot - Oh yes I see, thanks, when I do an update I will set those windows to have the default color, or perhaps to have that text always have a specific color.



i seem to be having an issue with the PolyShift. sometimes it simply wont work. i select my mesh, click Shift, and it does nothing. other times i can get it to work, and then it will stop suddenly.

am i doing something wrong?



Hey Sinew, make sure you have edged faces(F4) turned on if you are using PolyShift with Ignore backfacing turned on. That will most likely solve your problem.



cheers seems to have sorted it. btw polyshift is amazing!!