PolyBoost 1.0 for 3ds max released


Hi fellow CGTalkers,
I am happy to announce that PolyBoost 1.0 for 3ds max have today been released. There was an enormous amount of support and feedback in the threads in the 3ds max forum, so I’d like to thank people for that and also let you be the first to know.

Here is a short summary of what PolyBoost is:
PolyBoost is an extensive set of easy to use, but advanced tools for polygon modellers working in 3ds max. The main focus of the PolyBoost tools is at working with and creating various types of subobject selections as well as offering a set of modelling tools wich will make many tasks in everyday modeling a lot easier. Included is also a set of very useful transform tools. The tools have been developed with the end user very much in mind to enable tools that are user-friendly, fast, stable and above all useful. Discreet 3ds max contains an existing set of robust modelling tools. Combining these base tools with the PolyBoost tools greatly enhances the users ability, giving them the most fully featured modeller on the market with uses that stretch over all of the different areas of 3d.

Some quotes from people in the industry that have tried the tools:

“These tools are just fantastic, I totally see me using them all the time.There’s always some point when you’re modeling where you’re trying to select some large number of specific faces and you say “Oh, if I could only explain to the computer the logic behind why I want to select these particular faces, it could get them all in one shot and I could save 10 minutes”, a lot of these selection tools will solve those problems. The topology tool is super useful and the bitmap select is also amazing, I’ve needed stuff like that all the time. Also, the help file is fantastic, it’s very very comprehensive, and will definately help people right off the bat. Thanks for this great set of tools.” - Neil Blevins

“I think PolyBoost is excellent. The only bad thing about the PolyBoost tools is that they are really addicting, and now I won’t be able to work without them.” - Juan Siquier

Head over to www.polyboost.com and check out the different features. PolyBoost is also available as a demo for evaluation purposes.



Awsome, I’ve really been looking forward getting my hands on this.

Congratulations, and best of luck. I’m sure you’ll get MANY sales.


Great job Rivendale! ill look forward to trying these out. At $78 it’s not going to break the bank either!


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Good job! This can lead to a new era of modeling tools…:rolleyes:


Congratulations Rivendale, good job and what an amazing price.

This is a great add-on to max.


Great job there, the pattern tools seem very cool :slight_smile:



Ugh, max should include all these features… Oh well, guess i’m goin to have to buy Poly Boost


Hey, thank you very much for the support.:slight_smile:



hey Rivendale -

Just to let you know i installed the demo and had an hour trying out some of the cool features. Only downside is it treats a network render as a session, And this morning after turning on my backburner server, my demo has expired after one day! :sad:


great tool… pitty it aint free :smiley:

im dutch so bar with me … its my nature hehehe


The PolyBoost is temporarily offline. Unfortunately my webhost didn’t like that so many people downloaded files from the site so they shut it down. I will move the files to another server and hopefully the site will be back online by the beginning of next week.

pudgerboy - Thanks for letting me know, I have been thinking about changing the way I set the limit for the demo, but it will not change right now. Maybe you can find some other computer to test the tools on?

Ibah - I wish chocolate cookies were free too, but sadly they are not.:wink:



Hi, the PolyBoost site is back online again, thanks for the support.



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