Poly Modeling Question .


I have this editable poly object. And I would like to distribute the current selected loops evenly. How can I achieve that? Thanks. Using max 2018. Screenshot attached.


here’s one DESTRUCTIVE way…but you may not care so:

  • select those edges, CTRL+backspace. They’ve been wiped (as I said, DESTRUCTIVE!)
  • select the 4 long edges, rclick>Connect Dialog>4,0,0

(certainly can be done NON-destructively too…but it involves more keystrokes)


Thank you Vusta,
I would like a non destructive approach. Researching yesterday I actually found a way , using the loop tools in the Flow section of the poly modeling ribbon. Screenshot attached. When I select the edges and click “center” several times, they become evenly distributed.


You can use the Space Loop tool from the Loop Tools as well and it’ll evenly distribute your selection.


great…didn’t know about the Loop Tools…Thanks all for the tip.