Poly heads


ive been using max for several years and ive tryed soo many techneques and In my openion for human heads i choose poly modeling but I cant decide what base shape gets a better result a sphere or a 2 sided geosphere… what are your thoughts?


I like using cylinders :thumbsup:


cylinders, interessting …

I’m using a 3-4-2 cube, ePoly, boxing out the basic
shape, et voilá… :smiley:

DrSpline, Check your PMs, send you a present :slight_smile:


yeah i start head modeling from box too


Meshsmoothed cube or low-poly sphere. To be honest it doesn’t matter.


those were very nice but i know how to model i just wanted to know how others did it


oh, yeah, hmm, k :smiley:

so, it’s a 3-4-2 cube for me :slight_smile:


well i start out with just a plane in max and use edge extustions to build then main features and then start edge extruding the mesh between the features and finally weld all the section together.:beer:


hmm interesting can i see some of your work?


I tend to draw a hard edged spline for the front and left profiles and then extrude and fill in the holes, making tidy edge loops as I go



I used to like use spheres as a basis for poly modelling, but soon realised that although it gives you a nice starting shape for making heads all the points converging at the top and bottom can lead to problems. I’d recommend starting with a cube and subdividing it and use the max sphereise modifier to get a less angular shape to start modelling with.

Don’t know about geospheres but don’t you end up with lots of 3 sided polys ?


If you use spheres the poles are where the ears go. You’ll need those edges there anyway. Plus the scull gets nice structure this way.


i never thought about putting the poles at the ears, of course it makes perfect sense to have them there :smiley:


I start every head I make with a multi-purpose head mesh I built ages ago to avoid having to repeat the first hundred or so modeling steps every time I start a new one. All heads may well be different, but in the initial stages of modeling they may as well be identical.

Obviously that mesh started out as a box at one point though :slight_smile:


could you post a wire of that multi-purpose head mesh
im curious to see it


Heavens yes, a wire of the multi-purpose head mesh would be delightful to see! Do show us!


I’ll post it next time I can be bothered to turn on my PC at home. It’s nothing spectacular, it’s just a really basic early head with all my main loops already layed out, ready to start proper modeling.


If you’re using max, try starting with an OilTank. It’s one of max’s “Extended Primatives”. I find it to be the easiest for me.


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