Poll: What do you guys think about doing a Workshop based on a Gnomon painting DVD?


Hey guys/gals,

Just wanted to gauge what might be the interest in doing a Workshop here based around a Gnomon DVD, say one on digital painting by Ryan Church, or other artist? Do you guys have any suggestions or preferences? I am trying to get someone else to co~host this with me and am waiting on that person’s response…ahem…and this couldn’t run until December / January, but what do you guys think?

I think it would be nice to work in tandem / together, as in the Open Figure Drawing Workshops, on digital painting techniques as demonstrated in some of the Gnomon DVDs. (Alex better thank me for this one, lol!) :slight_smile:

Please offer your comments and suggestions here. :slight_smile:

Thanks to pushav for the stimulating suggestions for the forum!

Thank you!



Do I get a free dvd? I am all for it. LOL.


Reality check! :wink:




Oh yes please! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :scream:


That could be cool :slight_smile: Count me in.


hi :slight_smile:

would that mean we would need to get a copy of digital painting by Ryan Church?


Yes, or some other DVD which we would agree on. :slight_smile:

Someone has brought to my attention the issue of credit cards not being very common in Europe, and the difficulty of obtaining Gnomon DVDs there ~ apparently, they’re not carried by any major distributors? Does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks, :slight_smile:



Well they are hard to find here. It’s easier to order them on internet like on CGProShop :slight_smile: But you have to pay an extra tax for import matters (21%). That’s a pain in the @$$.


I’ve been collecting them at a steady pace for over two years now direct from Gnomon. I use a credit card (mastercard) to order direct from them - usually 2 or 3 at a time to save on postage costs. It is true that there are NO DISTRIBUTORS that I have found selling them in the U.K., though if you are very lucky originals turn up on ebay on ocassion, (but beware of pirate copies - there are usually loads selling for a lot less.)

On the plus side, as soon as I regain my student status (friday) I get discount!! WooHoo! I can see me spending some serious studenty funds on that site as soon as my student card comes through :scream: !!

MIKE :smiley:


Count me in


if i manage to get a dvd somehow i’d be in :slight_smile:


Yeah that is the only problem is getting the dvd. Lol. I looked at the price and wow. Not cheap. I rather buy some movie dvds.


hmm yeah, the dvd price isn’t too bad it’s the shipping costs that I can’t afford for one dvd the total would be $100 lol.

Ebay is a good idea like default.rol mentioned. I’ve just recieved, concept design 2-Sketching Environments-Feng Zhu, a couple of days ago, I bought that off ebay. It’s just waiting for the right dvd’s to come along :smiley:


Bob kato’s head drawing dvds was fun and easy to watch. Ryan’s work is amazing, but I’d rather start with Feng’s Fundamentals of Shot Design.



Cool, thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: In talking to another CGTalk member, I realized that Ryan Church’s DVDs would probably be mostly about environments anyway, so if you guys have any suggestions for more people / Anatomy~oriented DVDs, I would definitely be open to suggestions. :slight_smile: Still need to work out a lot of details, but I have this in the back of my mind. I will be able to give the Workshop more thought in December, after my CGWorkshop. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I was planning on getting a matte painting dvd first and then maybe get some digital painting one soon. So yeah.


I don’t really think that the gnomon workshop DVDs deal to much in anatomy, they have character design but the ones I’ve seen are more focused on the design proses and they kinda presume you already have a knowledge of anatomy.

My suggestion would be to use Neville Page’s Rendering flesh or Rendering eyes,
and take a more material indication approach.

just my two cent.


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