Poll: OFDW 019 Themes - VOTE!!!


Okay, it seems that a lot of people are interested in seeing a theme for the next Open Figure Drawing Workshop.

 So what I've decided to do is to suggest some themes which you guys can vote on. [b]There will be only one theme per OFDW [/b]~ this mirrors CGTalk's official Challenges, which are about participants' interpretations of a single theme.
 Any reference may be used so long as it is without copyright. I recommend using the photos from Hong Ly's site, [www.characterdesigns.com](http://www.characterdesigns.com) > Photosets.
 For those who wish to ONLY do work from Hong Ly photo reference, that is fine as well. 
 I've brainstormed a bunch of themes. Here are the ones I think are best. [b]

Please VOTE for your favorite: :)[/b]
 Extraterrestrial Life Comes to Suburbia

 The Awakening of the Underground Giant

 Artifacts From Our Present World Discovered by Our Descendants

 The Pantheon of Kings and Queens is Confronted by a Pop Star

 The 19th Council of Large Hairy People

 A Meeting of Inbreeder's Anonymous
 Tragic Accident


The most popular theme will be the one used in OFDW 019.

[b]Please post your THEME SUGGESTIONS here to be voted on for future OFDWs!

[/b][left]Thanks for your input!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



aargh,… nerves shaking…body shivering… eyes popping out…



pictures himself in a bowling center…

ahh, feels safe again…

Now, that is exciting to hear! Sort of like the DSG (brainstorming and following community topics) and the challenge combined.
I am pretty sure I will mess up, but that has never stopped me from trying.

So, for the topics it is important to keep an eye on the chances to make anatomy an important part of what’s goin on in the pic, isn’t it?
I am actually totally happy with the Giant topic, so just for the heck of it I am doing a bit of brainstorming, and I’ll highlight the ones that turn out to have potential to make me happy…:D…:

  • when the little King escaped from my drawer
    - naked…summer breeze…light through the fins
  • The Decapitation of Robespierre
    - weakly disguised Aliens in the office
  • The Rastafari Pirate chills out in the sauna
  • what Keith Richards keeps in his basement
  • where evolution went wrong: dead end street species

Also, I was trying to get some of the following done in the DGS but they sort of did not hit the nerve there. I think biblical topics provide a nice sense of drama while often being centered around human passions, therefore giving chance to put a lot of anatomical bliss into a painting. The old masters knew what they were doing…:smiley:

  • Judith and Holofernes (Beheading)
    - Joshua stops the sun at the battle of Gibeon
  • Lot and his Daughters
  • The Guardian Angel at the Gates of Eden
  • David secretly watches Bathseba’s bath
    - The quarrel of two mothers in King Solomon’s Court
  • Hiob(“Job” in English?) questions God
  • Potifar fails at seducing Joseph
  • Jona is being eaten by the Whale
    - Cain slays Abel

…the list goes on…:smiley:


Hmm Mu, I think the topics have been chosen up there and we are to vote on which one we like best?

Feels sort of weird. So am going to think about it a bit.


My idea’s will most likely get me censured once more…for sure …LOL :scream:
I would like to do a contemporary, modern ,… OF THIS MOMENT IN TIME… depiction of the SHIP OF FOOLS, based on Hieronymus Bosch’s …timeless theme and painting.
My …#2 …choise would be…THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND…by BOSCH…made contemporary.

MR MU …CHANGE…:eek: :scream: SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE …:eek: :scream:



Wow! this is so nice! :smiley: a whole bunch of options drools… as Mr Mu said, i also think that the topic should really put the eye on anatomy, so that’s why i was between the giant and the pop star thing… I finally decided to go for the Popstar for i guess it will give us a chance to work on different complexions, moods, gesture, character design and so on… =)

I also like the ideas Mr Mu gave… i hope to see them on another OFDW’s :smiley:


Hola Ego!

Hmm Mu, I think the topics have been chosen up there and we are to vote on which one we like best?

yea, you’re right, but it also says to post topic suggestions for future OFDWs in here, so I posted them here. But I was thinking at first, too, that suggestions were still running for this next OFDW - so I was a little confused, but that has never stopped me from posting…:scream:

ROFLMAO!.. :scream: well observed eagle-eye! :smiley:


I like the giant option most of all as the others have said it seems to be the best option for figure drawing.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your votes and feedback so far! :slight_smile: Indeed, this thread is both to vote for your favorite theme for the upcoming OFDW 019, as well as to suggest themes to be voted on for future OFDWs.

Everyone’s suggestions for future OFDWs are welcome!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



This would sound really really stupid but, how does Open Figure Drawing Workshop work?

I’m sorry if it sound annoying…


This would sound really really stupid but, how does Open Figure Drawing Workshop work?


Not a stupid question at all! :slight_smile:

Basically, there have previously been 2 types of OFDWs:

  1. Digital or Traditional Drawing / Painting / Sculpting from Photo Reference (typically from photos from www.characterdesigns.com).

  2. Digital or Traditional Drawing / Painting / Sculpting from Master Works.

Now we’re introducing a 3rd type:

  1. Digital or Traditional Drawing / Painting / Sculpting with a suggested theme and suggested sources of Reference (such as www.characterdesigns.com).

This 3rd type is what we’ll be running for OFDW 019. We’ll be mixing the OFDWs up a bit and alternating between 1,2, and 3.

Basically I’ll post a new OFDW which will run for one month. Be sure to subscribe here if you haven’t already to be notified of when new Tutorials and Workshops, such as the OFDWs, are launched:

Notification of New Open Figure Drawing Workshops / + TUTORIALS - SUBSCRIBE HERE!

I’ll post guidelines at the beginning of the Workshop. Anyone may join, and work in any medium or style of their choosing. Everyone will have one month to complete their piece. At the end of the month, I’ll collect all the work from the thread and SPOTLIGHT the best work from the OFDW.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:




Wow, sounds like fun already :slight_smile: I would love to join!

I like the Artifacts From Our Present World Discovered by Our Descendants topic. I’m imaging our descendant finding new uses for every day stuff, like girly hair comb set to trap hairy dinosaur… wait, there wasn’t any hairy dinosaur, was there?


Hi all, …uh uh… dont really know what to chose…

…what do you guys think of “Extraterrestrial Life Comes to Suburbia”…this sounds interesting!?..


Haaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha! hugs . You are such a sweetheart.

I still dont know what to vote for. Frankly am gonna be chicken and just take whatever comes along.


I like to go for the awakening of a slumbering giant (seeing as giant can refer to anything…)


i can’t wait :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

gave my vote just now


Hi…Rebecca and everyone…A GREAT very vivid vision for the AWAKENING OF THE UNDERGROUND GIANT concept just popped into my head …STILL AMAZES ME, WHEN THAT HAPPENS…INNERVISION MAGIC,:bounce: :scream:
So I am voting for that one…:slight_smile:



Cant wait for the new workshop!!, Im pretty sure that any theme will become into a hot thread, good luck to everyone!!


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