Poll ~ Naming Convention for Personal Sketchbook or Anatomy Threads


Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

In an effort to encourage more people to create and post to their Personal Anatomy Thread, I wanted to see what you guys felt about the current naming convention of "Anatomy Thread of name.

I have heard from some that people feel that they can only post Anatomy work to their threads, and that some even feel confused about whether or not they can post other types of work, even figurative work, to their threads. The answer of course is yes, but I don’t want their to be doubt about this, and the current naming convention I feel may be a part of this problem. :slight_smile:

Please vote, and post a comment here if you have any further suggestions. Individual users will not be able to change the actual names of their threads (only a moderator has this ability) but I am happy for example to change everyones’ thread titles once if that’s what people think is best.

I have to say that I am personally biased toward the option of renaming threads to Sketchbook Thread of name. Having some sort of standard naming convention, whatever it is, really makes my job of visiting and organizing Personal Threads much easier. That being said, please post your suggestions and vote! :slight_smile:




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As this subforum is called “Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads”, I don’t see a reason to stick only to anatomy, so I would suggest to change them to “Sketchbook thread of name” as well :slight_smile:

Two more cents into the pot :smiley:


Even though I would love to name my own thread, heck, even edit it once in awhile to show when it was last updated. But alas, some people tend to make their topic names over the top, which sometimes gives the whoel thinga bad taste. I still voted for the personal naming thing though (last answer).


Personally I think there should be the choice to leave it as Anatomy thread of so and so or change it to Sketchbook Thread of so and so! I came to this forum because of the anatomy connection .And my work is also geared more toward that than a Sketchbook!



Hey guys,

For those that want your thread title to remain “Anatomy Thread of…” just let me know. :slight_smile: I’m trying to name things according to what individuals voted for, instead of changing things en masse. If I accidentally change something and you didn’t want it that way, just post a reply here, and I’m happy to change it back. :slight_smile:




I agree with Thomasphoenix. I’m here mainly for anatomy, so things are good as they are to me. What I do know is that it shouldn’t be allowed to name the thread as everyone wants, because then it will be a mess with all those “uber fantastic sktechbook thread of someone”.


Heya Siju and razz,

I’ve kept your thread titles as “Anatomy Thread of…” as per your requests. Anyone else is free to request the same. :slight_smile:




Sure would love to name my thread what I want but I dont see that happening LMAO, so I’ll like to leave it as Anatomy Thread of …

Thanks for asking girl. :thumbsup:


Hi guys,

You may have noticed that I’ve gone through and changed most thread titles to “Sketchbook Thread of…” ~ I didn’t change the thread titles for those who expressed their wish for their thread title to remain the same.

If I changed your thread title and you wish it to be changed back to “Anatomy Thread of…” then please just post a note here, and I will be happy to do so. :slight_smile:

For anyone who is confused about what they should / should not include in their Personal Sketchbook or Anatomy Threads, please see this thread:

FAQ: Can I Create My Own Sketchbook or Anatomy Thread?

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Could I have anatomy and sketchbook in my title please?



No problem ~ I’ve renamed your thread to: Sketchbook and Anatomy Thread of Fl3wk.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I like Sketchbook - gives one freedom to post more than anatomy related images :slight_smile:



Great, I agree! I’ve left my own as “Anatomy” but really I treat it as a Sketchbook anyway. Another option for those that don’t like “Anatomy” or “Sketchbook” is “Figurative”. I don’t want to have to change thread titles in droves (it took me most of yesterday to change everyone’s) :smiley: but “Figurative” is mainly an option for 3D people for whom “Anatomy” or “Sketchbook” just doesn’t fit. :slight_smile:




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