Poll: Do you use Cineware for Aftereffects?


Just curious where people are at this this. Do you use it? have you tried? did it help?


I probably should give it a fresh try. I used it a little a few years ago and found it too sluggish. Haven’t been back. For a 2d look with cel shading it might be sufficiently performant. I can’t imagine using it for anything else as I use Octane.

Speaking of…Octane has a version for AE, but I never hear anyone use it. I don’t think it works with Cineware. I’ll soon be getting a courtesy version of the AE Octane plugin so I’ll explore.


I only use it to import my cameras and nulls


I use 3rd party renderers, and always import camera/nulls the old fashioned way. So no.


It does not work well with 3rd Party rendering, right ?


Tried it once. Was a big ol’ bag of shite. Didn’t try again.


I still use AE CS6, so no cineware for me, only aec and C4D import.


I’ll put you down for option #4 then :wink:


To me all the Cineware stuff feels like a bit of a half-baked solution designed to give Adobe some Marketing wins. I don’t have a problem with it but I’d much rather seen them improve the performance of AE itself, across the board.

Black Magic is making some serious inroads and winning some Premiere and AE converts and with version 15 incorporating Fusion and improving the UI somewhat, I’m seriously considering same once it’s officially released. Resolve is a fantastic product as-is that is Mac-first in its approach and an early adopter for supporting things like GPU acceleration throughout (not just a few random features and filters), and even eGPU now.

It’s a bit afield of this question but in general I think Adobe has its hands in too many pies now and has lost focus somewhat on improving its core apps in ways that matter. Photoshop being the notable exception. Still Affinity’s equivalent apps for graphics creation (Photo and Designer) are powerful, inexpensive and rapidly evolving to a point where there’s not much benefit to sticking with Adobe “no matter what” as many of us did in the past.

AE still has the best collection of third party plugins available to it (by far) but if Fusion starts to build in some of those functionalities, and further improves its ease-of-use a bit, it will be a no-brainer to drop everything but Photoshop, potentially. Affinity is even designing an InDesign-like layout app as well. Might even have a beta at this point, haven’t checked in a few months.


Totally offtopic, but indeed Davinci 15 with fusion integrated looks wicked…
When you see the power it packs in terms of editing, grading, VFX and sound, and for the price, it’s incredible.
I actually did my first full project in Davinci 14 recently, and while I’m still more efficient in Premiere for pure editing, I was pleasantly surprised already.
Now I see myself transitionning little by little to Davinci 15 now.


Tried it once or twice.
Not good for big heavy files. Seems more fit for simple product and mograph shots.


I’ve seen it used very effectively at some studios for versioning. I’ve never used it myself, but I do see it as a useful tool for certain jobs.