POLKARELLA, Zubuyer Kaolin (3D)


Name: Zubuyer Kaolin
Country: Bangladesh
Software: After Effects, Maya, Photoshop


This was the entry for my Strange Behavior Challenge. The story is about a strange umbrella creature who is scared of the rain. It was for the animation category so I made a short film. Click the link below to download it.

(45mb, Xvid format)

MIRROR_01 provided by our all time favorite DaddyMack!!! Thanks bro!!

It was a lot of hard work finishing this piece. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Zubuyer


AWESOME JOB MAN! I can’t believe you did this all on your own. Very impressed.


nice…I very like it…very likability…


that looks fantastic. keep it up :thumbsup:


I really love this Illustration!!! Very good overcontrast! :bounce: :applause: :eek:


Nice :thumbsup:
Your style is fantastic and the animation looks also very good.


cool characters and colors :thumbsup: Is there any trailers we can see:)


i really like the color:bounce:…great work:thumbsup:


ozy_g: hehe yeah did it all by myself… I’ve grown up now. I can even do dishes these days lol. Thanks for the comment man!

cheney1987: Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

fx81: Great to know u like it man! Thanks

Piz: Thanks man… also check out the short too.

DeFi: Glad to know that… Although I didnt had much time to think about a totally awesome concept but I tried to make it bit different and fun. Hope its not too ugly.

knaidu1977: Thanks and nope theres no trailer… But you can watch the whole movie from the link on the first post. Or you can visit my site at www.linesmakeimages.com

tuuhia: Thanks… I really appriciate that.

Guys heres some screen shot of the movie. Hope you enjoy it. I’ll post some more images when i get home from work. And here is the link to my WIP thread: CLICK HERE


Your short is simply Awesome Zubuyer!!!
I really love it… the mood, the colours, the story… all of those aspects are UltraCool, Man!
B R A V O ! ! ! :smiley:


That is fantastic. I love the colors and, the feel of it.


I SOOOOO love your character design! Excellent :slight_smile:


I love it!


Nice style…i like the characters

Work more in the ilumination



Hey Zubuyer! Congratulations again and again!
As I said before, this is definitely a very qualified, stunning piece. I’ve watched the version with the sound and it’s great! Also the scene for 3D still image it looks hilarious too! From now on I’m waiting for your future projects interestedly! Best of luck!


Baltasound: Your comment made me happy :slight_smile: thanks.

Piz: Thanks so much man… I’m really glad that you appriciate my effort.

tate77: Thank you… I’m glad you liked it.

Intervain: Thanks so much bro!.. always a pleasure!

PinQ: Thanks!

DanielAlves: Thanks. I would but I had a tight deadline so even if I wanted to improve I couldnt. Mayb next time. Thanks for the comment again.

ashiataka: Hey brada! Thats such a huge complement. I’m really honored to get such reaction from a great artist like yourself. I really admire your works too. I’ll also be waiting anxiously for ur future work!
Sorry for the broken link for the animation guys. I kinda ran out of bandwidth permission. I already contacted the web guy to fix it. But if any of you want to donate some web space (45mb) for a mirror I would be very greatful.



your work… no doubt… simply 'd best:thumbsup:
C[color=yellowgreen]olor[/color]s, style, characters :slight_smile: , animation :bounce: …awesome…

Keep it up.


akdom bhua hoise…jake bole ja ta! :stuck_out_tongue:


threedwizard: Thanks

e-moo: kalke office-e aisha lon… mair diya vorta banamu apnare!!


Outstanding my friend. Great… love this short movie… specially the colour palette and the cool characters

My true congrats

All the best

Victor Marin