Political caricature on Arnold Schwarzenegger!


I made a puppet (alternative name Korabluska) which resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger!I am a refugee (government a10 recipient), who spent 3 years in federal jail and now I am out with this.I was tortured cruelly by the FBI (with special equipment) for 14 days in suspicion of immigration fraud ( to make me confess, but I did not do the crime), and was exhonorated (told that I did not make any wrong doing) by the federal court.I am also an artist!I was going to Hollywood background and passing people the letters about torture, Hollywood treated me physically cruelly and stole some of my art, protecting the Federal Government. Hollywood is some sort of mafia now! Political caricature on Arnold Schwarzenegger whom I addressed!Newspaper robot Pikachu hits Arnold Schwarzenegger!Political caricature on Arnold Schwarzeneggertimestamp 5:42-6:14 in this clip ( but go to the time stamp - first puppet is not Korabluska!Vasily ZotovMac/Windows gamehttp://www.asklesliemoonves.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9x0G7KSUIo