"Polished" metal look for a sword blade.


Hey guys! i’m currently working on my model of the Kokiri sword from Zelda Ocarina of Time, but the thing is, I don’t even have a texture for the blade or handle or pommel.

This is my reference:

This is the original Kokiri sword from Ocarina of Time.
Here is my model, though the lighting in this isnt even final nor is the rest of the model yet, but the blade it’s self is final.
I can’t find a good looking texture for the blade at all.
The blade it’s self already has a reflective surface but it looks…well not realistic.
You can’t see the blade too well because of the lighting but here:

Here is an example of how I want my blade to look:
^I want my blade to have that finished polished look on it.

Any suggestions? and what could I do about textures for the handle and the pommel?


Looks just like a painted gradient to me which shouldn’t take more than a minute.

I can’t find a good looking texture for the blade at all.
The blade it’s self already has a reflective surface but it looks…well not realistic.

You can’t have both. Either you apply a texture or you have real reflections.

The main difference between your rendering and the linked example(which doesn’t look too good btw) is that the lighting is way better and somone added these whithecards in order to achieve sme reflections on the blade itself.

The handle is quite simple too, a gradient which was probably tiled or applied per face.

Pommel looks like noise, could be wrong but that’s what I would try first.


ah so you are saying the sword blade doesn’t need a texture at all then?

i see, but how would I go about making it look polished?

here is a new render of it, I rendered it out in mental ray.

I just want to make it look shiney and where you can make out the actual indents in the blade.


GRRRR! I just typed a long post and my internet connection fudge.

In short:

Scrimski covered it all.


Well looking at the Link you gave me, i tried to make it a bit more reflective.


So does anyone know where I could possibly get a good texture for the handle it’s self?


Like what? Like the example from #1? It’s 1 or 2 minutes for the unwrap in 3ds Max and maybe another 5 minutes of very simple gradient overlays in PS.
Maybe it’s even just a stretched noise or smoke map.

Or would you like something more realistic? If so - which material? Fabric? Wood? Leather? Any particluar patternin mind?

Stop expecting that you can find premade stuff and start to think what you need, of which bits and pieces it’s made, where to find them, how to reproduce them and how to put them together in a convincing way.


Well i’m not always looking for premade stuff, i’d be happy to make my own textures as well, it’s just i can’t think of the right type of grip for it.

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas…or references? I mean i’m trying to keep it like the original but with my own design.


I wouldn’t mind taking a shot at it briefly, if you wouldn’t mind posting the scene.


Ugh there seems to be something wrong with my move gizmo,
it’s like facing sideways and I can’t get it to
face forward so i can turn my sword.
Anyone know how to fix this?


Alright, I’ll go ahead and post this. People will be willing to help you here, but I would recommend stopping for a few weeks and doing some basic tutorials. All of the questions you have are something you would easily learn by doing some basic tutorials or getting a membership to Lynda.com or digital tutors. If you post everytime you have a question at this basic level you will be here forever. Again, not trying to knock your efforts, but you will get much more help and respect if you try things out yourself first and give some tutorials a go.


oh i’ve been working with 3D for 3 years, it’s just some of the basic stuff tends to slip my mind because well i’m still a student and i’m trying to refresh my brain for my next semester.

Sorry for so many questions :confused:

I mean I know how to use max and such, just some of the easiest things tend to slip my mind when I don’t work with the program for about a month or so.

As for my gizmo problem, i’ve tried changing the view, ,messing with the Pivot points, trying to reset the gui, and nothing seemed to work.

I tried everything I can think of to try to fix my problem, which is why I asked the question.

Sorry to be such a bother.


You probably want to go to Affect Pivot Only in the hierarchy tab and rotate the pivot, or switch to World Coordinates in the reference coordinate system.


the pivot point’s didn’t stop it from facing sideways, I need it to go straight forward.


Read this!

Reference system 101


Basically set it to ‘Local or Parent’


^Well that’s helpful, it should help refresh my memory.
Thanks for that, I can finally rotate my full sword again when selecting everything.


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