Police Bust


Hey there,

This is a personal piece I am working on and I am trying to find ways to improve it. That is why I am coming here to get a fresh pair of eyes.
Any critics or paint-over would be greatly appreciated.



Looks good in general at first glance.

The lighting doesn’t look quite right in some areas, such as inconsistent cast shadow angles and highlight positions. For example, the cast shadows of the running police guys are angled to the left, meaning the sun light would be directly to the right and above them, but the main character (guy with his hands up) has almost a rim-lighting on his head, which means the sunlight would be coming from behind him to the right. The cast shadow of the raised car door on his raised hand should be more obvious as well. The strong rim light also should be seen on his car too.


Hey thanks for the feedback Lunatique. The various lighting issues you pointed out make sense to me… So I’am just going to fix all that. I really appreciate!