Polar bear, Marcos de Moraes Sampaio (3D)


I also like this piece a whole lot.


i can just say : Great …
all is profesional .


Impressive work! The concept by itself is a great challenge and you executed it perfectly, congratulations :applause:


as I said on luxolgy community…just Brilliant! Bravo! top notch!


the fur looks weird in some places but still good job


very nice work :wink:


Stunning work man !! congrat !! :thumbsup:


good started

oh my god , amazing work i like it 2 much but if u wont jest change the color eyes 2 red ok

5***** from me & i vote 4 u :bounce:

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


its just awesome…very nice polar bear…the fur is superb…only one small critic…will the fur underneath the water also be same as the fur above the water?? it should have been little wet right?? i mean the fur inside the water…
other than that its just a awesome stuff…
5 stars from me :bowdown:


Love scenes with water cut. And the bear looks great.

Can we see a wire frame?


amazing stuff!


i would LOVEEEE to see a tutorial on how you did some of the things in there! :slight_smile: great stuff!


This is unreal, nice work


Great job ! 5***** :thumbsup:


Beautiful bear so far, great fur, water, ice and of course the bear.


Thanks a lot averyone! Having such a great feedback from such great artists is really flattering.

Fireantz- I had to render the head separated from the body due to lack of memory issues (I`m not using a 64bit version of modo, so I have this kind of problem). And the fur has 3 render passes to make it softer. Here are some print screens from modo:


stunning work


Amazing stuff. This should get a frontpage plug.


Excellent work! Congrats!


Yeah… absolutely amazing, definitely front page worthy.