Polar bear, Marcos de Moraes Sampaio (3D)


Title: Polar bear
Name: Marcos de Moraes Sampaio
Country: Brazil
Software: Modo, Photoshop

I really enjoyed creating this one. I started the head as part of an advertising for listerine, after that I decided to continue the model and do something of my own.
Ive been wanting to create a half underwater scene for some time so this seemed to be the perfect occasion for it. The best thing about this piece is that I had the chance to test lots of modos new features, like fur, caustics and retopology.
Oh, and the icebergs are photos.


Wow! Stunning image. Congrats :scream:

The fur and underwater elements are just ace!


That’s a very impressive bear.


Five stars without any doubt…
Will see this again in the 3D Choice AwardS section


wow… amazing work


woohoo … amazing work :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: great work man


Greatly done friendly bear! 5*


Very well done. I love how you have added the challenge and placed half the model underwater. You pulled it off really well. Great scene, lighting and render.


OMG…this is so realistic man~:bowdown:
Love the fur and water waving so much, so do you render the polar bear in one passes in modo?
Am gonna excited if u can post yours modo screen shot to us. :scream:


just stunning .




Very cool bear and fur on it !


I also like this piece a whole lot.


i can just say : Great …
all is profesional .


Impressive work! The concept by itself is a great challenge and you executed it perfectly, congratulations :applause:


as I said on luxolgy community…just Brilliant! Bravo! top notch!


the fur looks weird in some places but still good job


very nice work :wink:


Stunning work man !! congrat !! :thumbsup: