poking the Hulk, Christian Nauck (2D)


Title: poking the Hulk
Name: Christian Nauck
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

Again some (well known) Marvel characters.
As I said on the Grifter pic before - I’m using known characters, because I’m currently practice painting - so I’m looking for topics that are fun to draw and easy to pick up for me. I know the characters, so I don’t have to create to much before the painting process.


Haha, I like the expression on the hulk. I can only imagine what happens next!

4 from me :thumbsup:


Ahah great!


:thumbsup: very funny, great idea and very well done.


haha,very good idea and i like your style.it would be even nicer with some background, but it’s cool anyway.keep up the good work.


Love it! Really plays off of the characters personalities. Nice rendering also. cheers


very cool composition very nice job:arteest:


Heheh, this is awesome! The hulk’s expression is PERFECT.


really very nice idea


Lol. This is like cool on so many levels. Great work! 5 Stars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, guys! glad you like it! :smiley:


wow I love your style. Never seen Hulk exactly like you illustrated him. Very cool.


this is real good.
i love the hulk looks.

is that his pyjamas?
with belt too.
you really done a great job.


I like marvel’s comics very much.And your pic good too.


Love those characters and the way you brought them to life is great!Great story in the pic too!


hahaha, verry funny !


Alter!.. Das ist hammer!


[font=Arial]Nice picture, funny scene, very well done! The only crit for reasons of my taste is, that the Hulk looks a little bit different of the Painting style as SpiderMan. Nevertheless top!


i love MARVEL


Haaha, great stuff, keep it up! :slight_smile: