Poker Pin Up 1, Serge Birault (2D)


Title: Poker Pin Up 1
Name: Serge Birault
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Picture done for a poker website ( I tried to emalute the “Playboy” photos light. It was a harsh job because the picture is very, very big and there are a lot of details.
The bills were a real nightmares ^^’
You can win some tshirts with this picture here :

There some steps on my blog here :


Fantastic work, as always, Serge! Your pinup girls are always so stylish :slight_smile:

Enjoy some time on the front page!


Really sick image!! All your artwork is pretty amazing!


absolutely great image! You gave her a cute and mature face… awesome :slight_smile:


Thank you Leigh :slight_smile:


As all your work, its amazing, your style is unique… love the babes and this picture has a lot of detail! face, hair and dollars packs, of course outfit is excellent too!


Vinyl , glasses, pinup and… what ? no boobs ? no tentacle ? :smiley:
good details as usual :wink:


So sexy :slight_smile:
Great work!


Another great one and a well deserved Frontpage!
Keep rocking! :beer:


Fabolous as always. Especially I like rendering of face and hair.


wow man you really got the skills, your lighting is amazing


really great work

it took me quite sometime before I saw the pile of cash

  • so I guess you made a good work on the girl:)


Haha!! Awesome work as always!! Finally your work is not in the second page but it on the front page!! Deserved it and Keep it up my brother! :D:applause:



Thanks for posting the steps too. :slight_smile:


She is so sexy! Great artwork!


Yo Serge. Definitely one of your best. Really good stuff and super sexy!


I think you nailed it pretty well. The studio shoot on black background lighting and all are fantastic. The skin and the stockings particularly are incredibly well shaded.
The face is simply perfect, and would be worth the image/plug even if there was nothing else around it.
Is there much photo reference input to the hair? They seem to have a very photographic quality to them (in a good way).

The bills were a real nightmares ^^’

If I have to nitpick, they are probably the weaker part of the picture imo.
Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t bad, but I don’t find them to have the consistency and depth you achieved with the other elements of the picture, but they are still realistic enough not to fall into the graphic design elements.
They probably work better at a higher resoltuon, but I find too much contrast between fuzzy in the sides and the shadows, and crisp in the notes print and the paging.

Still, fantastic piece mate, well deserved front-page and will vote for award if it crops up.


Thx for all your kind comments ^^

Rapphael : I found a lot of references for the hair. As I said, I was very influenced by the kind of photos you can find in Playboy mag :slight_smile:
I agree with you for the bills. My client asked me to do this and I don’t think it’s a good idea. I spent more than a day only to find the good contrast and I’m still not satisfy … The next time someone asked me to paint 1 billion dollar bills, I will say no :smiley:
Thank you for the constructive critism ^^


You already know how amazing i find this, so i wont gush over it yet again!

Congratulations on the well-deserved frontpage, matey.


Great work Serge, I love all details, style and composition on this one, and off course the lighting is awesome as always, also… congrats on the front page!!! :beer: