Points on shadows


Hi !

I’ve a problem with shadows in my scene. As you can see on the photo, shadows on the wall in the back seem strange (like points) ! Can you help me ?

Thx !


Depends on which renderer you’re using but usually that kind of noise means that your lights need more shadow samples.


Thanx darthviper107 ! I use Vray render. I can modify the sahdow subdiv on my vray sun (it’s the only light in my scene) but what is the shadow sample exactly and how I can modify it ?


Since this isnt happening with the shadows projected on the floor I dont think its a sampling issue but rather the bump map of the bricks causing this?
Try lowering (halving) the bump amount of the brick and see if that helps?


It was the bump map ! Thx a lot !!


You’re welcome! Gld I could help :slight_smile: