point field distance per particle?



is it possible to control the Point Field Distance in the Force Field Generation on a per particle basis?

Help much appreciated!


… so I guess one can only adjust it globally?

I’m distributing instances on a surface using particle instancing.
The instanced objects are picked randomly from a choice of objects and also their size varies randomly.
The objects mustn’t touch or interpenetrate each other so I gave the particles a force field to reject each other and thus hold a certain distance to each other.
Now the particles all hold the same distance to each other but the instanced objects are different in size so their distance to each other isn’t equal.
Therefore I’d like to give the particles a Per Particle Point Field Distance dependent on the scale of the instance they produce.

But now I’m afraid the Point Field Distance can’t be controlled on a per particle basis…




Thanks, but is it possible that this only works with fields you create in the Fields menu (Air, Drag, Gravity etc.)?
I created a per particle float attribute called ‘forceField_pointFieldDistance’.
When I write an expression like ‘forceField_pointFieldDistance = x;’ I can put any number for x without any change. The Distance is still the value I put in the Point Field Distance box.

edit: also tried it with ‘pointField_pointFieldDistance’.



Is that not affected by the particles radius then?


I guess it is.

I thought about that already.
Problem is:
The particles that create the instances are attracted by my surface and collide with it so that they stay on it. They reject each other but the surface’s field is stronger so they stay on it when they give way to each other. The instanced objects however should have nearly no distance to the surface so my particles’ radius have to be very small. Due to the collision, if I use varying radius, the particle centers’ distance to the surface differ from each other and thus also the instances’ distance to the surface.
I only scale the instances, not the particles.

That certainly sounds a little complicated and maybe there’s an easier way to accomplish that anyway but besides this problem the system works…


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