Point cloud render on cinema 4d (redshift)



I try to find a workflow to render POINT CLOUDS with C4D, and possibly Redshift.
J’avais testé des plugins comme LAZpoint il y a qques années mais j’ai laissé tomber.

So far, I ended up with this process :

  • Import and .obj file (Point Cloud format converted with Meshlab into .OBJ to be loaded under CINEMA 4D).

  • I get a POINT CLOUD made of points primitives (VERTICES) with no polygons, with aVERTEX COLOR MAP tag.

(I didn’t find any other way to load natively POINT CLOUD infos on CINEMA 4D).

  • it’s possible to view the point cloud and colors of each point in the VIEWPORT.

  • But after many tries and attempts of different options, I can’t get this POINT CLOUD to render (Redshift or other)

  • this tutorial is using hair to get the points « viewable », but I only get white points (the VERTEX COLOR tag infos don’t seem to work there…).

  • I also tried MOGRAPH / CLONER, but ‘with more than 1 million of vertices, it’s not a good option…

I put some files at this address.

Thanks a lot for any help


LAZPoint 2 may be helpful.


Btw… I released a new version of voxygen recently. Voxygen 3 now loads and uses pointclouds. Laz,las, binary ply and a few other formats are support. it is available for win 23,24,25,26 and 2023, can use fields and/or deformers. It is a complete rewrite sharing only the name of the original. it is now way better and way faster than the old version ever was. It was made initially exactly to simplify point clouds. i.e by reducing them to voxels.

Take a look on my discord channel where I showed a lot of stuff as I was developing it. Lidar is a key feature.