Point base Axis Center tool


This is point base “Axis Center” tool by XPresso.

Regular tool in CINEMA 4D uses only “edges” or “polygons” to align axis direction.

So in some cases, it can not restore original axis, if the shape and axis were very simple. Please try next case.

Also it can not work with spline objects because they have no edge nor polygon.

In contrast to it, my tool uses only “points” to move axis position or align axis direction.

So if original axis was at center of 2 points, and aimed to 1 point, it can restore the axis.
Also it can work with spline objects.

Explanation movie

Sample file


Hi, I think this is the kind of help I need to workaround some PLA axis problem I am stack with.
But I cannot access to your links. I do not speak japaness (neither english) to find it at your site.
Could you correct the link?
thank you very much to share with us.


I am sorry, I have fixed it. So please try it.


I have added some more options for various objects.

sample file

for simple objects.

place axis at peak of objects.

for tube like objects, with parallel lines to Z axis.

for circular truncated cones, without any parallel lines.


11th Moon/ Toshio Fuji/ gtofuji@gmail.com/ 20111122

This XPresso restores axis position and direction, from reference points in the polygon.

  1. First, please make a null object named like “axis”,
    then place it under the polygon object you want to restore axis.

  2. Next, apply this XPresso to the “axis”.

  3. Select 1 or 2 points (A, A and B) and press “get center point” button.
    case 1 point; Then the “axis” is moved to the point (A).
    case 2 points; Then the “axis” is moved to center of the points ((A + B)/2),
    Also X axis is rotated to one of the points (A or B, use “reverse X axis” option to select one).

  4. If you selected only 1 point in previous step, Select 1 point (B) and press “get X axis” button.
    Then X axis is rotated to the point (B). Else skip this step.

  5. Select 1 or 2 point (C, C and D) and press “get Z axis” button.
    case 1 point; Then Z axis is rotated to the point ©.
    case 2 points; Then Z axis is set to parallel to vector (C - D or D - C, use “reverse Z axis” option to select one).
    case 2 points (“use center point” option enabled); Then Z axis is rotated to center of the points ((C + D)/2).

After that, X axis should be rotated from the point (B), to keep axes orthogonal.


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