Pocket Pc, Mike Zugschwert (3D)


Title: Pocket Pc
Name: Mike Zugschwert
Country: United States
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This is a Pocket pc that i have modeled for a class assignment. The object was to render out a photo realistic image of a gadget. Modeled out of polys except for the round button on the front. That was nurbs. Please let me know what you think.


WOW. Very clean. Nice model and render.


nice work zugz. Now we have to see who can make the best looking character for our final project.


Awesome! I have an Ipaq and it looks just the same! Only the thing on the bottom, where you put your connection cord (where you sync and recharge with) in. It’s too big and empty. Also a little bit more metallic shine. Other than that very good! Very realistic! :thumbsup:


hey! good job! i think its actually too metalicy shinny!!! nice job for the first thing in maya that is actually good! haha yeah. bye


Nice job dude, kudos…


On my laptop the pen looks like its floating on the screen of the tablet. Maybe add some highlight or some light shadow to give some deapth? Otherwise, good work.


Nice model and render:thumbsup:
c ya


i guess im the first one to tell u it still looks very CG.

yeap. it looks fake. i think u need to add in warm and cool tones into ur lighting. very subtle one. it makes a lot of difference. currently i only see white source light. and the bluish background just doesn’t work.

also, it needs to reflect a real environment. not empty spaces as this also suggests fakeness in the image.

the model is well done and textures/materials are near perfect. the only thing u need to work on is ur lighting, environment and rendering.



Hi Mike, great work on detailing the model! I’d suggest trying a ‘hdri’ lighting render on it if you can, I think you’ll find that the fiddling will be worth it…


Great work! The model is flawless. You could have rendered it in a more complicated scene.
It’s cool, keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


I agree with funnydoodle on the lighting, i have heard never to use white lights and always tint them a little but i got caught up other things and was rushed and it just slipped my mind. One thing that bothers me that nobody has mentioned yet is the reflection of the area light on the bottom of the objet, It is not large enough or something and it leaves a wierd shape on the bottom. anyways, thanks for the comments guys


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