pmG @ Siggraph!


If you happen to be at Siggraph, check out booth 1334 (AMD). We’ll be there demoing messiah. Ron is out of town, but Taron and I will be there tomorrow (Tuesday). Wednesday the rest of the team should be there too. Thursday will be at least me and Taron. Booth 1334 is across from NewTek, Boxx, and Sony Imageworks.



Now You tell us. I would have went.
have Fun Guys!


We were originally planning to skip SIG. Through Luminetik demos, IBM/AMD were impressed with our software and invited us to show our warez. We didn’t get full confirmation on this until Monday. As soon as Fred knew for sure, he posted. Can’t get more immediate than that:)



I got close! I wanted to hang out with you and Taron again and introduce you to my family. We went to an appointment up north… The baby got fussy after and we headed home instead:sad:


Hey, the little man must call the shots :})

The whole SIG expo was really small. It looks like a lot of companies are questioning the economics of “doing” SIG. For us, it was a choice between focusing on the new releases and planning for SIG. Our choice was a no-brainer. I think I’d like us to have a solid presence at SIG next year, but the size of the show will determine that. If it keeps shrinking, it won’t be worth our while to attend. Only time will tell…



Maybe we could have a pMG-graph instead next year. :slight_smile:

Everybody flies to LA and we have a week of pMG parties, dinners and demos… owe… owe… and lots of those little party sausages. That would be way better than siggraph. :slight_smile:


Actually, that sounds like a fantastic idea. Well… maybe except for the little party sausages :wink:



Sorry I missed you. I was there, but hadn’t seen this post and didn’t hang around the hardware booths much… RATS! Oh well, maybe next year.

I did get a quadro fx card while I was there. Which by the way, is working fine with Messiah (once I plugged in the extra power cord, that the directions didn’t mention). Before that it worked ok with other apps, but not stellar, but really didn’t work at all in Messiah… but given enough juice it’s working great! Maybe Lyle and Fred have to add this question to their graphics board trouble shooting questions “… is it plugged in?”


Looking forward to it:}) If we decide not to have a booth next year, hopefully we’ll be able to give a bit more advance notice if we accept some invites.

That’s interesting. I never heard that one before. messiah is very different from the other apps in that it’s all OpenGL and uses multiple viewports extensively. It may be possible that this puts an extra burden on specific cards. If that’s the case, I can see why more power would be needed. If we can ever gain an audience with anyone over at nvidia, maybe we’ll be able to confirm this.

Thanx for the info, capt chuck :thumbsup:



Oh crap!

I thought I saw you Lyle , i was running between booths and saw 4-5 people with PMG t-shirts , should have stopped by :frowning:

ah well next year :slight_smile:



Actually, attendance was up over last year, although the number of exhibitors was down. Sorry I don’t have the actual statistics at hand, but that’s what they reported. I think you guys should make your presence known! Hey, any reports on the OS X port, is that still happening?


Sorry I missed you, Ali. What you probably saw was a number of messiah users wearing pmG t’s. I was only there for a short time on Wed. Yeah, there’s always next year.

BTW, I saw in another post somewhere that you prefered XSI’s curve editor to messiah’s. That’s fine and I do understand that it’s all about personal preference. I was just curious if you’ve used messiah:animate 5 or if you were comparing to m:a 4?



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