Plz critic my animation for my Reel


Hi, there i m a student in 3d animation, I am looking for critic on one of my main animations for my demo reel … so plz feel free to critisize and pointing out stuff that s wrong or that u don t like and plz try as much as possible to leave an explanation I ll really apreciate it …

sorry my english isn t perfect

thank u for u r time

here s the link :

sorry for the trouble with the link before …


Hey zennic,

That animation is a while from finished cut, I’m afraid. Watch two things:


Also, there are a lot of places with extreme short duration (the first hop off the chair, the chair hitting his head at the end) could use 3-5 more frames as well.

Poses are all right. I can also feel the gravity a little bit. Polish it with hours of hard work!

Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Thank u for u r critique but i was wondering what do u mean by "extreme short duration " since my english isn t perfect i m not sure to understand what do u mean by extreme short duration …

thx for taking the time 2 look at my work …


you’re biting off more than you can chew. but “the animator’s survival kit” by richard williams and go through the exercises starting with the bouncing ball. you’ll thank yourself for taking a step back and learning animation from the ground up, i promise…


Thank u very much for taking the time too look at my animations … it s funny that u mentionned that book cuz i just got it yesturday and i m planning on reading it tonigth … rigth after i fixe the arcs on the arms in my lipsync …

thank very much for your advice I truly appreciate it …


I think you have something good that you can tweak and build on. Your poses seem to float into the next in some parts of your animation. I don’t know if you have reference for these clips, but that is ALWAYS a good idea because all your answers to the problems are in your reference.

When you feel skeptical about your animation, try looking for principles of animation in them, often times, you’ll see what you have to fix. As someone else has already said, concentrate on your timing and try to animate to one camera for your “Brain” animation, just to see how it looks.



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