Plugins4D Shader Pack: Access field and volume data


Kent over at plugins4D did something I was more or less expecting to be in R21: shaders that can access field or volume data (this was really a no brainer, I thought)’:

The examples in the videos are really simple. But the fields shader for example could be an excelent update to the old Proximal shader if you use an object as a filed ( I wonder if it could be more precise and even be used to draw very precisely on an object using another object). I hope this also comes with equivalent nodes and also works with displacement …

At the moment this is only available to the patrons. I have to say I am a bit lost when it comes to the structure of his page and the products, the purchase options there, with all the Bundles and so on…


Thanks for the feedback Christian. I am in the process of simplifying the website. At the moment just shipping the 4 different bundles for R21 was the fastest way to get updates out for customers. Cheers, Kent.