Plugins Revisited: Nitro4D


NitroMan has been a star in the c4d community for many years and has developed dozens of free plugins as well as nearly 20 affordable commercial plugins.

He’s super at responding to questions and annual updates. That said, his torrent of plugins has slowed to a trickle as I believe he’s been busy doing more work in recent years with the Maxon mother ship.

I’ve not been able to get his commercial plugins to work in R19 and have not heard from him via e-mail - I sent a message this past weekend. I believe I need new key files. I’m sure it’s a fuss for plugin devs to handle annual updates.

One challenge with plugins is that so many have different procedures to make them work: serial numbers versus key files, different plugin folders, etc.


Right now I’m using Nitro Solo in R19 (Windows 10) and no problems so far.


I have noticed a slow down too. I wondered whether he had anything to do with R19’s new voronoi functionality because it seem like his moFracture plug in.

I’d also like to know if anyone knows of the main differences between Nitroblast and moFracture. Nitroblast is more expensive but moFracture seems more fully featured and automatic. I’d like to know what’s missing between the two.


Nitroman had nothing to do with the voronoi fracture development.

“Nitroblast” is his own voronoi based fracturing (older than R18).
“MoFracture” is using the inbuild voronoi fracture (since R18) and adds some of his Nitroblast features.


I believe that is his most recent plugins. His last blog post is Sept 4, so it’s not as if he’s been long absent. But there’s nothing on his site about R19.

In years past he seemed to reply within a day or two to e-mails.


I got NitroFit, NitroBlast, NitroMoFracture, NitroVertex and NitroBake running in R19. I got my keys the next day after emailing him, excellent support!



Hey Delonis… could you explain what the obvious differences are between moF and NB?
MoF looks like a more automated and realistic fracture plugin, but NB is more expensive. Has NB got ither features that moF lack? Does one do a job that the ither cannot? Any clarity would be appreciated.