Plugins Revisited: Back to the Forest(er)


Each year when I reach out to c4d vendors for updated passwords or keys for plugins…I try to evaluate the value I’ve received from each purchased tool and whether I’ve dropped the ball on something that could really enhance my work.

Remember this plugin?

I suppose Forester hasn’t naturally fit into my client work. I will endeavor to play w/it more this year.

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Forester is a great plugin. The easy of use to make many variations of a tree or other vegetation is awesome. So many options to customise your needs and also a great wind generator built in!
I use it a lot. They are working now on more landscape tools so that promises to be interesting.



When I see the price of the alternatives like speedtree and Plantfactory, Forester looks like a great option.


Is this plugin still actively developed? Recently, I thought about picking it up, but from the site it looks somewhat abandoned. It’s been over two years since any recent news, so I decided against it.


Forester is in on-going development. Throughout this year we have issued several bug fix releases for customers.
A major new version is in the works with significant feature updates. We are taking the time to insure maximum stability/integration.
A lot of the new features were directly requested by users.
I cannot reveal any new features or release date yet. Our Facebook page does however give some clues about possible features and/or new products.
When close to release, we will be releasing extensive videos showcasing the new stuff.
It will be worth the wait…

In the meantime, here is a little teaser of some stuff we are working on.

Edited to add teaser image


I’ve been following these Forester teaser images on Facebook and I have to say, I’m very excited. I do a lot of flying over various landscapes and this would be really beneficial! I already use Forester for trees and I would love to have…whatever it is you’re teasing!


The dev, Charbel Koueik, responded to my R19 key request as immediately as he did last year. And he also conveyed the Windows/Mac updates.


Like you see in this thread it is indeed still in full development.

As a customer it is a bit awkward to see the newspage with the latetest news dating from 2015. It won’t hurt if there is some sign of life on that page too I think. Not everybody checks Forester on Facebook I think.



I can verify this…I am one of those customers that Charbel has helped out with little bugs that popped up. The response time has been so very quick and I received updated plugins within 24 hours.

I am about to embark on a project that I will be making extensive use of Forester over the next 6 months, so I’m looking forward to putting it to the test.


Forrester and xparticles are my top two plugins for c4d.

I also use Laubwek as I purchased 1 or 2 of their packages. It’s more expensive but one reason I like Laubwerk more is you can select between Physical, Vray, and Octane (and maybe Arnold?) models. No need to convert all the materials and whatnot. Hope Redshift gets added into the mix soon too.

Does anyone have a good workflow with using Forrester with the other 3rd party renderers?


Octane can do some on-the-fly auto material conversion. I don’t remember the details and haven’t tried that w/Forester.


Good to know and the new teaser image looks impressive.

I don’t recall seeing any specials, black friday or otherwise in a long while, which also led me to believe it may be inactive. Glad to hear it is preparing for a new release. Has an approximate release date been discussed?


Well, shoot. Now I’m following 3dquakers on Facebook. :wink:

The updates look impressive!


I’ve said this to the developer and will repeat it here: Forester is one of my favorite tools. It’s easy to use, logically laid out. Adjustments generally do what I expect them to, the rock object is a great simple tool in its own right, and built in distribution tool is good to boot. Three cheers for smart and easy to use tools.


Hoping for much higher quality textures (4k) in the update and optional texture packs for Octane, Arnold, Redshift, etc. The lack of render-quality textures wasn’t made clear at purchase and I was annoyed about that. Ended up using Octane Live DB textures and making my own.

Would love to see options for dead/dying trees in the update.


I think that any plugin that saves you from messing with Vue or Terragen is probably worth the money. Both are powerful, but have horrendous rendertimes.

Perhaps someday forester will be able to do entire procedural planets like some computer games have now.


I was a Vue customer some years back - I was a Vue user before I bought c4d. But it’s seriously over-priced for a specialty tool. And they hit hard w/upgrade prices.