Plugins for C4D 9


Ok now onto another question regaruding all the great plugins I have already.

Will the people that made plugins please let us know what your plans are for upgrading
the great plugins that we have for C4D.

I would like to know about plugins like, MSA, Add the sea, Surface painter, Solid Splines pro, I know about the plans for Mesh surgery already and if anyone has any other good ones please post them.

I have not tested these yet but plan on it soon.

Thanks Dave


Sniper Pro


I just tried Sniper Pro with N-gons, Clothilde, and Sub-Poly Displacement.

Works fine so far.


1.2 of ditools works fine with R9 afaik.
remotion is working on new stuff though…should be exciting also.


Plugins are the only thing keeping me from adopting R9 early. I’ve already invested so much money in plugins that are locked into my R8 serial that R9 may seem like a downgrade. I’ve probably spent ~$2K already on plugins. I’m not looking forward to spending that much so soon, especially when the R9 upgrade will hit my wallet hard.


That’s great to hear. Thanks :thumbsup:


I hear 'ya, but won’t the plugin developers allow you to “upgrade” the serials to R9 for either free, or a “minimal” fee a la the Third Party approach?


I suppose it varies from developer to developer. Upgrading my Storm Tracer won’t cost a thing, as mdme_sadie said that they’ll issue the upgrade serials for free.


Motion gimmick does have an update for Add the Seas for R9. If you have the 8.5 version, it’s a free update. To go from 8 to 8.5 (or presumably 9) it’s about $50, I believe.


I am having probs with the tags of both WireShader and SolidSpline Pro. Trying to open them makes a window pop up with a message that there’s a problem with a (coding?) line in the res file.


WireShader works fine for me in r9. I don’t have SSP. Have you tried wireShader on it’s own, do you still have problems?



yes , this 8>9 serial for storm is free, but not because we are nice (we are really orrible), but rather because our launch date clashed with the r9 launch.If we had not have offered this serial for free, nobody would have purchased storm until they had R9.Which would have meant that we probably would have starved to death meanwhile :slight_smile:
So its all a matter of timing.Some updates need to be paid for(eg MS) , but if a something is going fairly well , then it can be updated free of charge.

Paul Everett


sounds like you copy/pasted your folders and missed out some bits.
just unzip from the original files, both these plugins work fine in r9.

Paul Everett


This could be the case. I’ve noticed whilst reinstalling everything from zero a week or so ago that my cdburner sometimes skips over things. Perhaps this was the case here too. I’ll delve into my backup cd’s and try to find the original files as these were copied from the utilities partition to a cdrom.

Another question, Paul: I mailed you to get a StormTracer serial for my r9. Did the mail arrive?



being a sceptic concerning the purchase of plugins I just buy them if they offer functions that are either not likely to be integrated in future releases of C4D or just incredibly helpful in order to get certain jobs done.

Just bought CACTUS DAN’S IKTOOLS (extremely helpful and reasonably priced) and will purchase STORMTRACER 1.1 (impressive features and amazing demo reel).

Besides, still using free plugins such as Arndt von Königsmarcks “Extrude Edges” which already did the job within C4D R6 that did not support edges and still works with C4D R8.2 (which I currently use as I’m waiting for my XL 9 update).




I couldn’t agree more with you Janho.


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