Plugin [Xplode]


I’m pretty new to the cgtalk community but i would like to announce you that i’ve made a plugins for cinema4D called Xplode.

Its main function is to break geometry in several pieces.

Based on Voronoi diagram, it use the Thinking Particles module to place the center of the future pieces and to define the cuts that have to be made.

It’s actualy available for the french community and will be out next week for you guys.

juste an exemple of what you can do with it.

It will be sold for only 12 euro (more a support for futur release than a selling price)

Best regards


That’s very cool!



great news…i am realy courious if this is the solution…I mean we had some trys on an xplode-plugins before.


Looks great. :thumbsup:



great plugin!

and nice reel.



Look great Valkaari.

I’ve announced it on our site as well,


Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


This is amazing… looks very promising. Looking forward to give it a try!!

#8 tried the plugin with 20000 generated parts and it looks like this.
20000 parts

This is a plugin with great potential


Wow…thats amazing…:drool:…but where is the Plugin to put all that peaces together again??


Looks awesome. I’m assuming you’ll need to have 11 or 11.5 for this one, or will it be available for older versions. Thanks.


Humpty dumpty v 1.0 will be released early next quarter. :wink:


Looks awesome! Have any shots or videos of how you use it within C4d? I can’t wait to get my hands on this sucker!


this looks great!

does it use TP or MoDyn for the dynamics?


Hey valkaari,
that looks very promising.
Keep up the great work!


thank you.

Actually, the plugin is using Thinking Particles to place the particles that will be the center of the futur parts. This allow users to place particles the way they want with the Tp’s presets. (from spline, texture or volume)

The plugin only work for R11.5 as it really come great with the use of the mograph dynamic.

so right now, you must have r11.5, TP and should have mograph2.

To see how it look like in cinema4D look at this “speed test” i’ve just made with a sphere.

More video to comes during the week. I just hope that this tool will be usefull.


Great vid… Cool workflow… :slight_smile:

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Hey valkaari,

a lot of users from the german-spaeking community wished the yhad something similar to “rayfire Tools” or Mayas “Blastcode”. Could xplode be something like that - a complete solution for destruction, dynamics (for sure in combination with tp and modynamics)?



Looks promising


Looks very promising thank you! You will certainly get my money.



That looks extremely cool!

Can’t wait!! When can we get it!?!


As he wrote… if you can speak french… you can have it now!
In the french forum is the link to the french version of the product including purchase button.
Otherwise… wait a week or two and you’ll have it in english.