[Plugin] X-Particles V2 Preview1


X-Particles is pleased to show you our first preview of the upcoming release 2.

This is a massive update containing many new features and improvments from the previous release.

Fully threaded

particle skinning

complete port to xpresso and much much more.

head over to our vimeo to check it out.





Well I’m 7 minutes in and already impressed mate!



That´s all really cool new stuff. Very nice update!


XP2 really is something special. I think it will easily replace TP as the go-to particle particle system for most c4d animators.

Here’s a test with millions of particles (no geometry except sphere primitive for sun).
Renders fast!


Heres another one–just a simple “pour” test to see how many particles I could throw at it.
I got 2 million+ out of this one, but I can say that since then I have gotten 5 million particles to render without a problem.

Sorry about the compression




really impressing new version of XP! Insane speed improvements and amazing new features.
Great work ! Maybe an early question: does the “skinner” modifier will be included in the “lite”-
version ? :slight_smile:


Hehe, nice try! But it would be kind of like giving away the crown jewels if it was in the free Lite version. Developing the skinner has been a huge amount of work, but it’s well worth it.



Hope you guys are proud of this plugin, it’s truly amazing. Looking forward to the release!



Looks fantastic, guys. Is there any kind of buy-v1-now-and-get-the-v2 update deal?


Neat! Should be a no-brainer to buy the ugrade…



Wow, looks like a great upgrade! I like the new interface.
Can’t wait to lay my hands on it.

Anders Sandelin


Hi Adam,

We decided not to do that kind of deal because it doesn’t seem fair on people who bought v1 more than a year ago. What we will be doing is, if you buy v1 before v2 is released, there is a small discount for every owner of v1 if they upgrade to v2.



Awesome. This will surly replace TP for many advanced particle User as well because of the Threaded-Speed. Collisions are hardly usable with TP…now with XP it seems to be possible to work with. Great.


Looks like a great plugin, awesome work on v2! The multithreaded particles alone would be worth the update but you have tons of other great stuff added to it.


Thanks guys

Yep multithreading makes a huge difference you can do 50million+ particle renders now if you want to Davids PShade and XP are great togeather for that.


i am really happy how this plugin is evolving.
buying it was a good decision.
keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Looks great! Waiting in anticipation :slight_smile:


How does X-Particles handle sub-frame emissions?

The two TP hacks I’ve found haven’t been working well for me.


The subframe emission in XP has been rewritten and extended so it now fully works even with emission from objects, the only limitation is that the emission from voxels/volume only supports the object transforming (animating/PSR) and not the volume changing during the frame.


Wow, amazing upgrade. Now this looks “professional” plugin imo.

This make me think about that Maxon should now focus on improving speed of view port/object manager, multi-thread everything and add modelling tools (sculpting and basic modelling), and let the plugin creators do VFX tools. Maxon should also do better SDK for supporting plugin developers to use all C4D features without “hacks”, and maybe it would help plugin developers also if physics would have one engine for all.

And i think this only because of new upgrades for X-particle and DPit effex, because those tools will fill the “empty hole”/(most of missing features) in C4D.

This is good time: DPit effex upgrade, Great X-particle upgrade and C4D upgrade in the end of the year, three reasons to live =)

EDIT: And make C4D unlimited. It is bad mistake if plugins will be limited by C4D :S


I wonder if more than 10 million particles are supported/drawn in the viewport? (Seeing the counter in the TP Simulation window in the preview video…)