[plugin] updates


DEM Earth has been updated to version 1.37
VoxyGen has been updated to version 1.69
WireShader Pro+ has been updated to version 1.6

more updates to come this year, for Whitelights and TexRemap.

Contact the [Support HelpDesk](http://c4d.freshdesk.com) for updates.

VoxyGen and WireShader Pro+ are now available on both RebusFarm and RenderFeed. More will follow.


Paul Everett



Keep on rockin Paul, your Plugins are fantastic…


Thanks chris.

RE: voxygen. Here is another production based on Voxygen. This project was rendered on rebusfarm, which produced close to a thousand frames, without a single glitch, memory leak or client crash. That is what is meant by production ready and proven.

Merry Christmas.
Paul Everett


It looks great, next year i am going to buy some of your great stuff…dem earth is the next one!


Wow great !! Thanks :bounce:


Ok, I bought it…I need something to play with, it is christmas time!


Speaking as a non-Motion Graphics artist and not casting any aspersions on your plugins, am I alone in feeling “enough already” with these dynamic mograph cloned cubes? They are getting ubiquitous.


Yes, you are alone!

Thank you Paul, unbelievable fast support. I am already downloading from drop box.


Being such a professional (per your other posts) please don’t fail to keep us up to date on every aspect of your purchase experience. It will be especially exciting to read about your jubilation when you actually install it in your plugins folder! :banghead:


>with these dynamic mograph cloned cubes?
firsty, they are not Mograph cloned cubes.

Secondly, I am not imagining your insinuation. However, Robert, you don’t own a license for any of these plugins. Neither voxygen nore DEM Earth, so your comments are out of order. If you have a problem with one of my products, I am easy to reach. My phone number is on my website, or you can use my support service to get in touch.

Paul Everett


A little touchy Paul? No insinuation about your plugins or problems with the ones I’ve paid for was intended.

However those non-mograph-cloned cubes were created is not relevant to my point. IMHO cubes that bounce around, dance, split up, merge, etc. are getting tired. I’ve seen a number of reels that have used it, and your link just happened to hit my over-saturation level. It is no comment on the skill or technical talent of the artists/plugin makers. Simply a comment about their aesthetic choices from the perspective of a consumer.

Sorry if my off-the-cuff observation appears “out of order” and upset your thread. How you extrapolate that I’ve got a problem with one of your plugins from my previous post is beyond me.


touchy? yes, thats me :slight_smile:

>please don’t fail to keep us up to date on every aspect of your purchase experience.
comes over as sarcasm. no way am I readin that wrong.

>It will be especially exciting to read about your jubilation when you actually install it in your plugins folder! :banghead:

followed by icon of guy bashing his head against a wall? I think I read that as you meant it to be read. Nuff said.

------- warning: positive stuff ahead ---------------------------

RE cubes:
sure , many a cube has flown, since the introduction of Mograph. But in the eyes of end clients, they don’t all want the latest greatest and never seen before tricks. Sometimes and often, they want things “like this”. And someone then has to deliver that. Frankly doing voxels via mograph, although it has been going on for years, is like eating gravel, compared to how you can do voxels with voxygen. so as long as this continues to be a popular effect with paying clients (and it is), there is no harm done in trying to do it bigger, better, easier, faster and more reliably, by way of a plugin.



The snarkiness was directed at the person that I was quoting. Check out the MacPro thread.


Mr. Cometsoft, for today you did a great Job!
Let us continue tomorrow :love:



I don’t think ~Paul is being touchy at all. What you say above comes across as

“enough already” Stop doing it and in stopping doing it stop using Pauls plugin. Aspersions in my book. You’ve condemned the plug in as useless because you don’t want anyone to do anymore cloned cube stuff. I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

You really need to read through what you have typed so far and analyze it a bit better.


If that’s all the plugin does, then I suppose it could be taken as offensive. Thought it did a lot more than that. Couldn’t it at least do spheres? As for the sarcasm part, I already explained where that was directed.


of course it does spheres and anything else. Now your just trolling Robert.


Totally agree. The look is sooooo plaaaayed.


Voxygen and all other PlugIns that I bought from Paul pays for itself in no-time, they are fast and stable and the support is excellent. How you use it is a personal creative decision. They are like pencils/brushes, much like an artist working with different brushes for an oil painting. If you see a bad painting you seldom blame the brush.



When did someone blame the plugin? We’re talking about the style.