Plugin : Unfolder



I present to you my new plugin : The Unfolder !

It’s a deformer who unfold polygons to create interesting animation effect.

Available for 20 €, a free demo with limited options can be downloaded.

Compatible for R14, R15 and R16.

I hope you will like it. :slight_smile:
It work better on low and middle-poly object. High-poly ones can be a bit low to calculate.

Dowload :




wow, that looks like endless fun! Nice work, I think this one is sure bet.


Looks like rown poly ( ) on overdrive … I like it :thumbsup:


Now this is just cool!


Holy smokes. That looks like fun. The “unfolding” on the low poly building is a pretty convincing building effect, too!


Nicely done! It looks way too cool for mographers NOT to abuse :slight_smile:


I’ve already purchased and commenced some abuse!


Very cool plug and am trying to purchase it now, but is it me or is your website an absolute nightmare to use for non french speakers?

I try to do it by guess work and it loads paypal in french where I cant seem to login. I use google translate it comes up with an illegal operation… I just want to give you my money bro but your unhelpful website is making it almost impossible :banghead:

edit: got it working… had to learn pretty much the entire french language to navigate but worth it in the end :wink:



I know what you mean but I try to view such experiences as reminders how completely spoilt I am that the whole world has to learn a second language and be adept at it…but not me.

50 years ago French was the language of diplomacy and international commerce not English. But the internet has sure changed that!

Anyway, I can’t blame those feel about their own language the way I feel about mine! :beer:


Did you gents click on the British flag to change the site to english?


Spoken like a true English speaking American! :wink: :smiley:

(don’t beat me with your club)


@ice indeed… im just a lazy sod haha :scream:

@pheonix that seems to only make the page you’re currently on english. so when you come to purchase that page is still in french, and it takes you to a french paypal site to pay.

anyhow, I worked it out now and glad I did… this is a bloody awesome little plug. will save shed loads of time for cheeky grow mograph style anims!

nice one cesar !



Your on the edge with me, Luke. I wouldn’t make fun!


That’s my cave man dialect.


I should have waited until I purchased it to comment I suppose. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the PayPal page. I must have answered that robot question wrong. FYI, No and These are not the droids you’re looking for; seemed to be the incorrect answer. I should be able to click a “CLUE” button to get a hint, something like “Rhymes with …” would probably go a long way.


Looks like it could be fun to use for one or two projects before it gets old and overused…



Mmm, it’s weird that you are redirected on french Paypal, it normally automatically redirect you on your own langage once you logged in.

If you change .fr to .com on the paypal link, does it change to your langage ?


[QUOTE=Mylenium]Looks like it could be fun to use for one or two projects before it gets old and overused…

Ah, good old Mylenium. Always a little ray of sunshine.

[EDIT] Just bought the plug-in. Unreasonably clever and well worth the meagre €20!


A bit of a jaded post. Like any tool it will have ongoing uses and it’s great fun from the word ‘go.’

On your blog you said you regretted investments in c4d and had gone back to Lightwave. So it’s only fair to ask, why are you here—except to piss in the pool?


Well I ditched LW to come to C4D and not looked back. I’m sure it won’t take long before he finds LW’s endless weirdnesses and workarounds stressful too. Truth is, I feel his pain - there still isn’t a single great 3D app out there that’s perfect for everyone. But I find C4D to be way more fun and less grief than LW - although it’s always there on the HD, just in case.


LOL, totally agree … live a dongle free life :thumbsup: