Plugin request: Gradient picker like substance


Substance designer, as you may already know, has an amazing gradient sampling tool.
A simple ‘pick gradient’ button will let you draw a line through any image, to create the perfect gradient.

I’ve been looking for a way to convert these in Substance designer to GIMP, or to somehow reveal the gradient in an *.sbsar file so I can simply copy it to C4D. Neither of which are possible.

While many of us are hunkered with this Corona mess, was wondering if anybody felt up to the challenge of writing an R20, R21 gradient sampler… Wondering what it would take even?

Also. While I’m on the topic.

I’m saving gradient presets of my own making; mostly for variation in Mograph - fields. Which is how I colorized the objects in this project:

My question: When I save those presets and name them accordingly, where in the C4D folder structure, is that preset file being saved?


All of those types of saved presets get stored in a file called user.lib4d. In Windows, this is saved to C:\Users\[YOUR_USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\[YOUR_VERSION_OF_C4D]\library\browser


Ah, so I couldn’t provide what I’ve shared as a single ‘gradients’ file. Poop.


If you want to share custom .lib4d files, just go to Content Browser, choose File>New Preset Library… name it accordingly and drag & drop the gradient/s into the Content Browser folder you created. You can rename each new preset, change the Preview image for it etc. and then share that .lib4d with others. That .lib4d file can contain a single file or multiple presets of your choosing, not only gradients.

As far as I know, there is no way of saving just a gradient as a simple file.


To add to the above, you can load an image and pick colors to create gradients as well: