Plugin: Ornatrix- Hair for everyone


Greetings Max users. After a while I have finally decided to make a release of Ornatrix Basic.

As you have read in the topic, it is a hair plugin for Max, and it is free for anyone as long as its used for non-profit reasons.

Please keep in mind that the plugin is Beta and shouldn’t not be taken as a stable version. This isn’t the final shape or form of Ornatrix, and could be considered as a proof of concept.

Here are some images from the alpha tests:

More images can be found on the site (see below).

Some of the features so far include:

  • Combing, brushing, painting, cutting etc. of hair
  • Real-time dynamics preview
  • Both volumetric (voxel-based) and post-effect (scan conversion based) rendering
  • Volumetric shadows
  • Real-time render preview
  • and many more

Ornatrix is partially supported under VRay, MR, FinalRender, and Brazil. Its rendering engine was built for scanline and thus would behave the best under it.

Anyway, check out the site for tutorials, forum, and download:



Wow, thanks will download and try it out. :beer:


Again Marsel, you amaze me. :wink:


Oh, great surprise after sme development got on Hold :slight_smile:



I love your works.:thumbsup: Tu si que sabes!!!

Greetings. :buttrock: :bowdown:


deeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~ :bounce:


Congrats man! :beer:

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I just got one word to say that should cover it all . . .


what’s you’re doing for us just plain ROCKS marsel.

will check it out asap.



Great!!! I’m bored to waiting shave & haircut plugin…

thanks :beer:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

This is just sort of ‘testing out’ release. The plans that I have for advanced versions of the plugin are somewhat abstract, and I need to test out my base algorithms meanwhile.

I’ll try to compile a Max 5 version today (Max5 doesn’t like me a lot for some reason).



Vote 1 Marsel for Discreet President,

well atleast well have someone up there listening to us little folk down here :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks marsel, youve been a great asset to the 3dsmax community.



weird name though Ornatrix

whats it mean.


:slight_smile: Thanks SuperMax, thats very flattering.

Ornatrix means “hairdresser” in latin. To be more sprecise, it means “female slave hairdresser” :wink:



how easy is the hair animated, can the hair be calculated like reactors softbodies, or a flex mod.

Or do u need to keyframe certain things ?


Very nice Marsel. I can’t wait to give it a try.


Wardile: Animation aspect right now is Ox’s weakest link. There is a built-in dynamics engine, but I am not very happy with it.

It is certainly not aimed towards production yet, but it does do skin-driven reaction.

You can also add any of Max’s spacewarps as external forces. There’s a collision detection and response system, where you can add any external objects as well as the distribution mesh, but its pretty much using a brute-force approach for collisions right now and thus can be very slow.

Future plans do include things like IK hair control, linking hair to any deformable object (like clothsim) and so on, but before that there are millions of other things that need to be straightened out.



one step at a time.

I was just curious.

Another question… can u use mesher to create a mesh out of the hair, does max see it as a particle system ?


You can export hair to spline, and the just make mesh out of that.

You can also as easily import it back (so you can import hair made for shag, for example).


Thats just to awesome.

Keep it up mate


Marsel if I weren’t a man I would want to bare your children… that didn’t come out right…
Anyways Thanks for all of the GREAT free stuff you’ve been putting out for the 3ds community to use.