Plugin: Looking for Lens distortions


Any plugins out there that distort an image as if looking through different mm size and concave/convex surface? Say like a fish eye?

Im looking for one that I can type in the lens properties. Also. Lets say I wanted to distort an image using this process so that looking through a lens (i guess of the opposite curvature?) of the printout, the image looks normal.

In short I want to distort a image so it will only look correct looking at it through a large fish eyed lens.


tried PS’s own “spherize”?

for more plugins just read back a few pages, there was a thread asking how to correct it a few days ago


…or use google, it does magik o__O


Dear wolverine:

Sir, YOU ARE my google.

Thank you for the link. Have you used this before?

(halo the built in one is too primitive)


I actually have never used those or any other lens correction plugins as I don’t own a camera nor did I ever have the need to correct the distortion.

Here’s another one… LensDoc. Andromeda has very good products so this one can’t be wrong.


Try this one, it is a different approach: this helps

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