(plugin) LAZPoint 2


LAZPoint 2 is upon us.

New features.

VLS virtual laser scanner. if you can not afford a laser scanner, go virtual, and simulate one.
import and export LAS/LAZ.
Complete redesign of the modify interface.
Improved renderer. (2d and 3d points)
Works great with R19, making use of DOF, SSAO, etc, with all that viewport goodness.
Generates vertex color tags in R19 :slight_smile:
hundreds of millions of points, in the viewport, in realtime.
Complete rewrite of the registration process. Decoupling the plugin from your C4D license number, with a user friendly, floating license.
Too many improvements to list.

Initially the Win version of R2 will be released shortly, and the MAC version will follow at a later date.
Upgrades will cost little more than the price difference between R1 and R2.

more info to follow. If you can not wait for release, get in touch, or join my facebook group.



Can point cloud data be manipulated with x-particles and be treated like a particle system?
I would be interested if I could morph that point cloud and play with the results.
On that note, does it support C4Dโ€™s Physical engine motion blur? What about VRay?

If youโ€™re able to render this many points, it sounds in my head like a viable replacement for what Krakatoa is able to do.


LAZPoint is a solution for loading and rendering, and now creating, lidar and or pointclouds. You can tell it to generate XP, points, hair, etc, but if your cloud has anything more than a few million points in it, neither xp, or anything else, is a good solution. You can NOT throw hundreds of millions of points at xparticles, and expect it to be workable. LAZPoint is aimed at letting you create, load, view ,render, and easily work with, otherwise impossible pointcloud/lidar datasets, inside c4d. it lets you view, and modify them in realtime, with breathtaking viewport performance. But it is not, and never will be a particle engine, aka xparticles. With R2, you can now create magnificent point clouds, almost as if you had your own laser scanner, from c4d scenes, and save them out, as LAZ or LAS files, for import into many applications, that can load point clouds. It may take some imagination, but that opens the door for some new ways to do things. You can now create a scene in c4d, and load it into any old lidar package, and they would not know the difference between it coming from a real scan, or out of c4d , via LAZPoint.


Hi Paul,

Would there be a way to use las/Laz points as reference points in the 3D tracker? Like a lidar survey shot like this :

Note that I donโ€™t have access to a real lidar, but I have photoscan and it can produce similar laz files/point clouds, so it could maybe be useful in the future.

Is it also possible to transform some specific lazpoints into real C4D vertices?



you can bring in point clouds form any source, and it would not be an impossible task to align them to a handful of specific points in space. it is however easy to pick a point. For example, in a camera object, you can pick your point of focus, buy just clicking on the pointcloud. in the same way you can create a null,etc. I have no experience with the c4d camera tracker, so I can not really comment on how that would work.


R19 now has a 3D scene reconstruction option from the tracker.


LAZPoint has been updated to version 2.12

The new version gives the LAZPoint user a unique tool-set for transforming pointclouds which are out of axis, and the ability to import radial / geographic coordinates, as well as improved color conversion, and better XP support.

There is a new, full function DEMO version of LAZPoint 2.12 available for WIN.



have you tried it?





Not yet just saw some movies.


https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2017_rewind_eric_nicolas_smit_3d_motion_tracking_vfx_c4d starts about minute 3 he tracking lessons, near the movie end appears the scene reconstruction.

https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2017_rewind_-_rick_barrett_a_preview_of_cinema_4d_r19_features at about min 13


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