"Plugin Installed" message at startup, evertime.


Hi, I installed a plugin called mb resource collector a while ago. It was an MSE file I think, and I put it into my scripts\startup folder.

Since then every time max starts I get a window popping up saying that the plugin was installed.

I installed it wrong didn’t I?


Yep, MSE is basically an installer so by putting it in the /startup folder you are telling 3d max to run it every time 3ds max is started. So every time you start 3ds max, the MSE is executed and installs everything to the relevant locations.

Based on the fact you get the message saying “Plugin Installed” you can simply remove the .MSE from the /startup folder. Then if for some reason the plugin is no longer installed, simply drag the .MSE into the 3ds max viewport and it will install.


mzp is an installer, while mse is an encrypted maxscript. From the instructions from Martin’s site:

This script is a classic Utility script, so you just run it using MAXScript > Run Script… from the main menu. Afterwards, you will find it in the MAXScript Utility dropdown list, from which you can select it to execute it.
Unfortunately with the way the script is coded the mse must be run before it will exist in the UI, and it removes itself after you close the application.



So I’d have to manually run the script each time I wanted to use it? Once per max session?


Yes, it will need to be run once every session you want to use it.



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