(Plugin) C4DtoMax Released, and MaxToC4D v3.2 news


Thanks to all for your support and patience, after the success of MaxToC4D, we now releasing C4DtoMax!
Transfer scene from C4D to Max with 2 clicks! with vray support.


And very soon we’ll update MaxToC4D to v3.2:
Octane Support!, R18 Support, and bug fixes.
Free of charge to v3.0 customers.

Thanks to all of you we keep updating the plugins and making more cool 3D stuff, stay tuned for new epic stuff!



for me it would be a great addition, if I could open or import Max files directly into Cinema without having or using Max - especially because I’m on a Mac :wink:


That’s not possible. Max files are not self contained as far as I understand, they have dependencies with the program and cannot be interpreted without it. Unless you reverse engineer max, with all its patented stuff inside, I don’t know how it would be possible.

Being able to open max files without max would also be a big blow in Autodesk’s subscription model.

On the other hand Maxon has released “melange” which is a library that lets you open native C4D files without having C4D installed. That’s why you can open C4D files in Element 3D for instance.



No idea what Max costs, I once ran a trial through VMWare to export a MAX file. Only needed it once. But on a Mac you can alway go the bootcamp way.

Else, ask some friends or colleagues with a PC to convert files for you or see if someone here in he max forums is willing to help.


Yeah, the Max thing…

Yes, a friend is always a good choice :slight_smile:
Turbosquid also offers to convert max models if you buy one and want to use it in Cinema.

I use Element 3D all the time in combination with Cinema for “super passes”.


Has anyone heard from Marcelo Bruno (the plugin’s creator) recently? I had hired him to do some 3dsmax --> C4D file conversions for me a couple years ago, but hasn’t responded to my email, and I wasn’t sure if it got caught in spam or if he’s away for a time.

Alternatively, if you have this plugin, and are able/willing to convert files as such, send me a PM and we can discuss. :slight_smile:


Hola LukeLetellier!

Sorry I missed your email, and yes very active on next big update, after the release of DazToMaya now Im preparing the release of MaxToC4D v4.0, DazToC4D, … and other sourprises :wink: Im not doing convertions at this moment but you can contact me again by mail or better in the 3dtoall facebook inbox for better feedback during the same day

Hasta Luego!


Hi Max Hunter…

What would this Daz to C4D plugin do exactly ? I’m intrigued.


Hola EricM
Similar to DazToMaya - http://www.3dtoall.com/products/daztomaya - but for C4D


Just sent you a Facebook note. Thanks!