Plugin - Animation paths


When I have the object_source array in maxscript I can write to set animationpaths for exaple:
current_object = object_source[j]
animationPath = excecute("$" + + ")
animate on
at time t animationPath.pos.x = animation_frames.x
at time t animationPath.pos.y = animation_frames.y
at time t animationPath.pos.z = animation_frames.z

but how can I make this with the Maxsdk?
There I will write a function in a plugin which I can call from Maxscript. With maxscript I give the object array to the function and now I want to set the new positions of the object each frame . I have already calculated the new positions, but how can I set the positions each frames for each objects of my object array I give to the SDK?


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