Plug me in....


Hi Everyone,

this one doesn’t really need a story, it speaks for itself.

What do you think… although there may be not much to think about it :smiley:


looks good. Maybe you could but some machined striations, like banding from being machined, around the metal. Other than that the model is good.:thumbsup:


:surprised I’m SO tired today… First, I thought this model to be a gunshell, then it turned into a dildo. Right now I’m convinced it’s a lightsaber…

Anyway, nice texture.:thumbsup:


Awesome! Maybe you could put some bumps on the end furthest from the camera? Need the bumps so you can screw it off easily. That’s the only thing that came to my attention. =)


Here’s a little update…

The cable still needs a little work.


Very Nice. Your first Image inspired me to attempt the same… I got as far as modeling it out and did some test renders… then of course I got distracted. :rolleyes: … Very nice work on your renders.


Incredible work … mine is not even half as good as yours … care to make a simple tuts about how the lighting works in your render??? I cannot seem to be able to make anything good lately :frowning:


looking good! :slight_smile:
although if you look closely the wire could use some more smoothing. it looks a bit jagged at the tightest turns.


Looks good! :thumbsup: Nice feel to the surfaces.

Some wear and tear would be cool, or like the fingerprints and smudges that get on them if handled uncarefully.

Only other (stupid) note would be that large phono plugs like that usually go into large cables, that looks more like the cable from a 1/8 miniplug, headphone size jack. :stuck_out_tongue:

But then cables come in every combination and dimension imaginable, I’m sure one of those exists out there too. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the replies

I’ll make some scratches on it as soon as I come home…

You’re right hypercube, it IS a cable of an 1/8 mini-jack. That was the only one I had lying around :smiley: <-- I like that smily.

Maybe I’ll make a tutorial sort of thing. Although there is not much to it… just 2 lights with very blurry shadows…and some GI.


Metal’s too smooth. It needs to look more brushed.
my $0.02


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