hey graphics experts and veterans please give an advice or what to do, to a new graphics artist like give me an idea what process to make a CGI film.
i have already the programs like :
zbrush = for modeling
3ds max = for environment
maya = for animation
NUKEX and after effects = compositing

NOW PLS TEACH THE PROCESS how to make a CGI film. like first ,

*scuplt a character in Zbrush
*and then make environments 3ds max
*and composite and light them to the compositors like NUKEX and after effects

thats all i know into 3d/CGI filming please help me and
give more detailed PROCESS CREATING A CGI FILM, please answer thanks!! !


Everybody has a slightly different method.

Mine is:

  1. Research
  2. Story Treatment (3-Act outline)
  3. Script
  4. Storyboard and Color Script
  5. Animatic and Editing Test
  6. Character and Production Design
  7. Asset Making (Modeling, Rigging, Shape Keys)
  8. Milestone Test (Core VFX Testing)
  9. Principal Animation
  10. Lighting, Rendering, and Visual FX
  11. Last Minute Changes, Retakes, and Final Edit


How to make a 3D animated movie.


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Step one - Purchase a lot of expensive software
Step two - (first post) Ask for years of knowledge and skill to be transferred via reading a summarized post on the internet
Step three - Be George M. F.'ing Lucas



Aha… I see what you did there… But even if he did try following all the advice on here, he’d still pay his dues in trying to actually make a film of any considerable length.

And that’s if he can get to the end. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! Why not check out and Both have step by step instructions on how to do it! Very useful sites.

Then you can look at other tutorials out there but I recommend those 2. M Dot strange is already finished with his 3rd cfeature length video.


I’ve always preferred this one:


The first thing to do is get a character up and running about in your studio whether that be max or maya. Follow this tutorial with max and see if you like making 3d films in the first place.

PS you can quit before the UDK stage.
Good luck and have fun.


You may consider writing some sort of story or screenplay first.


Awesome. So I guess FX gets to eat what they want while everyone else eats excrement. Works for me. Leave me alone then I’m having some ice-cream!:beer:


Yeah, right, like they left any time or budget for FX. Probably why it’s not in the org chart.



I made this last week, by myself, using similar software and the process you described.

I personally use Daz assets since it’s faster. Rendered one pass green screen then AE for effects, etc. Clips then arranged in Premier and audio layer created. Output/upload/tag. Rinse, repeat.

I think it helps when you’re starting out to keep the clip short (-3 min). A solid script and tons of time is important. Experience being a performer helps as you know what audiences want.

Expect ridicule for extended periods of time. If you want to release something commercially make sure all your licences are real. Spend some $$ on promotion.

Good luck with your project


Wow. You don’t always get to see someone spend more than $10K on software for something you don’t know how to do. And on top, you go asking people to show you how to use them… and for free!
Long live planet Earth.


Somehow I don’t think OP paid for any of those apps…


Not since the bear of Colin


Don’t worry, it’s extremely easy. Now that you got all of the high end software commonly used in CG production, you are 95% there. All it takes now is just a few (sometimes dozen or two) years of hard work, learning, self improvement and experience. :slight_smile:

Good luck!






I don’t know what to think anymore, Why? because TheCastle or Chris has made a feature length animated film, an hour long in the style of Son of X.

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