Please talk me into using nuke...!


Hi Guys,

Been using AE for quite some years now, and since our jobs are getting more complex every time, I want to switch to node-based. Liking Nuke a lot I just wanted to know one thing.

Right now, I edit in premiere, get the edit in AE, and start comping the whole thing. When I’m done, I press render and have the entire project done. Can I do a similar thing in Nuke? All the shots in one comp, including audio, like in a timeline? Or would I comp each shot individually, render and put together in another program?

thanks in advance for any help.


The short answer is no. Nuke has a graph editor but no time line. You could bring or make multiple node trees in one comp but I doubt you will get audio in there. Its just not meant for that. I mean adobe even has the added benefit of owning AE and premiere so the dynamic linking is there for you to achieve this without rendering. (Premiere - AE - Premiere then rendered out) Fusion has a timeline but the last time I used it it was hell, i dont think you want to make multiple comps in there and try to line them up. Eyeon’s product Generation might fill the gap there for you in fusion or Nuke. If you really want to move over to a complete set up I think you are looking at an Avid DS or a flame which are really expensive. I personally prefer Nuke for complex jobs.

Good luck.


Why not just give it a go? They have PLE versions for all OS’s


No, you can’t bring audio into nuke. Yes you probably could create different node trees in nuke and the edit the clips together, although doing that is just gonna slow your computer down, and you won’t have a lot of control. And also, without any plug-ins you can only render image sequences out of nuke (at least that i know of). So, Nuke is a powerful compositing software, far more powerful than AE. But that’s all it is. You will have to do the audio and editing in a different software IMO.


Nuke has full quicktime support.

But remember it is a shot compositor. Very well suited to compositing VFX. I fear the day when they start cramming in all the other editing and audio junk that compositors don’t need.

It is a powerhouse package for a very specific task, not an all-in-one soluiton.


Thanks, guys. I think I’m getting the picture.
Still really wanna give it a try though, since it seems to be able to do some very powerful things. It is a pity that I’m gonna have to do a bit extra work then I’d be doing in AE, making it obviously harder to make the step.

But nothing like the right tool for the right job…


Well I still use After effects for what its good for, just as I use 3D packages for what they are good for. Trust me, make the jump, ask around, look at the Foundry’s site they have some great tutorials and the Help PDF is amazing. CMIVFX has some great tutorials as well. Once you find how to use Nuke to its potential and speed you will find yourself using it for all your complex tasks. But there will always be a need for After Effects to do motion graphics, some simple titles…the pupet tool is kinda cool…etc So its just adding another tool to your kit.


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